1. London is as international as it is British

London is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world in fact it’ speaks over 300 languages (Office of National Statistics, 2011).  London’s cultural diversity has a positive impact on many aspects of the city including business, tourism and hospitality to name a few. London is about as eclectic as a city gets and we think this is fantastic.  Different London boroughs offer different London experiences!

  1. London is the number one destination in the world!

Yes London is the most popular global city destination and expected to receive 18.7 million visitors in 2014 alone (BBC NEWS, 2014). With the wealth of things to do in London, this is no surprise. There are simply hundreds of attractions, historical monuments and world class museums. More and more people are coming to London each year and looking at serviced apartments as accommodation. The serviced apartment industry is growing fast to deliver more apartments that fulfil travellers needs whether it may be for business, leisure of what is commonly happening now, a mixture of both. We at London Serviced Apartments continue to grow our portfolio and always will.

  1. The food

To put it simply, there is every type of cuisine you could imagine from fine dining to ‘fish and chips’ to some of the world’s best local food markets.  London really is a culinary heaven. If you fancy a fantastic curry, go straight for Brick Lane. “Whenever we’re returning from a long journey, the first thing we do is go out for a curry. I’ve been to India but I find curries in Brick Lane better; it’s that good.” (Gordon Ramsey, 2014) Want to go to Jamaica? Then Brixton is the place to be and for a taste to Asia visit China Town.  If you want to sample some traditional England then there is possibly no better way than sampling some old school afternoon tea in a fine establishment. The Ritz Hotel is hailed as the best traditional afternoon tea (The Telegraph, 2014).

  1. London is innovative

Walk in a city where the new fits in seamlessly with the old, from the booming technology industry that rivals Silicon Valley known as ‘Tech City’ to London being the financial capital of the world. London is a city where no idea is too far fetched such as experiencing a cat café or secret dining experience.  Visiting London means you can enjoy all sorts of pastimes… you will never be bored! It is impossible to be bored in London.

  1. Magical parks

On the flip side, London offers some of the best kept and most stunning parks in the world for times when you would rather relax and do very little. I’m sure London is on your list of destinations for 2014 and the years to come.  For somewhere amazing to stay contact us.