Central London

Central London. A fantastic location for business, shopping, restaurants and much more. Stay in Central London Serviced Apartments in a rix and diverse mix of places and people.


North London

With great transport links into Central London. North London features leafy suburbs, artisan bakeries and winding streets. Easy commute into Central London. Check out our North London Serviced Apartments.


East London

The posterchild for urban regeneration East London has boomed in recent years. From tech startups to the hipster invasion. If you're a fan of craft beer, filter coffee and beards. Check out our East London Serviced Apartments.


South London

South London is the hidden gem of the capital. With wide open spaces, gorgeous historic townhouses and untapped parks. Currently in the midst of a regeneration and following in the footsteps of East London, see what all the fuss is about with our South London Serviced Apartments.


West London

Tweed jackets and cravats nothing says posh like West London. The white bricked terraces of South Kensington and opulence of Knightsbridge this is a hotspot for the world's elite. Beyond you'll find leafy Chiswick and Ealing. Check out our West London Serviced Apartments.


Beyond London

Look Beyond London in locations with rich English Heritage, close to UK Business Hubs and Transprtation, Commutable to London within 1 Hour, within reach of central London. These are fantastic hidden gems. You will also find much more attractive rates in these locations and get more for your money,

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