Whilst many commuters to London are currently working from home, the streets are quiet and the usual hustle and bustle seems a distant memory. The pigeons are wondering why they are now the rulers of the roost, and spotting a tourist seems like a lifetime ago. However, there are many people still temporarily visiting London for work, to be close to family, or unfortunately to distance from frontline workers. They are staying in London apartment rentals. If you’re in London and wondering what you can do with your spare time that isn’t currently off-the-agenda, here are our top ways to enjoy a peaceful London.

1.     It’s a walk in the park

It’s amazing to think that a whopping 40% of London is greenspace, comprising of some 3000 parks! The problem is that even the hidden spots can be busy with tourists and commuters taking a lunch time stroll during normal times. But now, with walking being one of the few things you can do, it’s time to really explore the amazing array of London parks. The Royal Parks, which are usually the busiest, are a great option for now. Wander through Hyde Park and feel like you’re exploring the grounds of a stately home, or amble through Regent’s Park dreaming of days gone by. Kensington Gardens, often awash with families visiting the capital on holiday, is now a great spot for anyone to enjoy a walk. Wherever you’re staying in London, you can pretty much guarantee that you will have a wonderful park within walking distance.

2.     Who says it has to be walking?

Another benefit of outdoor exercise being allowed whilst London is just left to the residents is that the road, parks and pavements are now much more open for those who prefer a different kind of exercise. Whether you choose to become a kid again with a scooter or rollerblades, or get out on a Santander Cycle, or pavement pound through running, you’ll now have much more space and less traffic enabling you to explore other areas. You can currently jog up The Mall past Buckingham Palace which is usually rammed with crowds, cycle through a park without dicing your way through the masses, or have a  go on rollerblades in the open space of Covent Garden.

3.     Delicious London grub to your door

One of the fantastic benefits of staying in a London serviced apartment over a hotel is that you’ve got crockery and space to dine-in. With pandemic restrictions on restaurants and pubs opening, take-away services have boomed. Venues which once insisted on tables booked in advance and home-grown cooks and bakers who’ve diversified their income are bringing Londoners a huge amount of choice. Get Googling and you can find all sorts to enjoy from kits for cooking up your own storm to ready-made deliveries.

4.     Take a walk with a difference

Ever wondered how much history surrounds you that you are unaware of in London? If you’re fed up with the same lunchtime walk as you work-from-home in your serviced apartment then London offers some brilliant ways of making walking much more interesting, without any need for social contact at all. You could try discovering more about the blue plaques that you spot on your daily walks, use Talking Statues to find out more about the people behind the landmark, or dip into AllTrails for a different route. London may be very different to this time last year, and it will get bustling again soon, but if you are staying in London then now’s the time to embrace its quiet side. We’re still taking bookings if you need to stay in London during lockdown. Do get in touch.