If you’ve dreamed of a luxury stay in London, you’ve probably fantasised about staying in a London penthouse apartment. The good news is that this extravagant London experience is easier to come by than you think and we have a range of penthouse apartments available to rent for a fantastic stay in the capital. If you need convincing about why a penthouse apartment is the best and most luxurious type of accommodation in London, then read on.

What is a penthouse apartment

Let’s quickly clear up some definitions. A penthouse has classically been thought of as the top floor apartment in a luxury residential building. Many penthouses still fit this definition. In more recent times, a penthouse apartment is a term used to describe the best or most unique apartment in residential premises. It likely has a bigger or distinctly different layout to the other units in the building. You should expect it to have an outdoor space, usually with good views, but it won’t necessarily be on the top floor.

Therefore, if staying in a top floor penthouse apartment in London is critical then make sure you choose accordingly. If you’re struggling to determine if a property is top floor, do give us a call on +44 (0) 208 004 0007.

What to expect in a penthouse

A modern penthouse apartment in London may not necessarily be on the top floor, but common features that you should expect to find include:

  • High standards of luxury: Expect design-led décor with a high finish, luxurious furnishings and highest specification appliances. The kitchen area will be fully-equipped to the highest standard and the living space will be sumptuous. There may even be antique pieces or art, according to the overall design.
  • Additional space: A penthouse is traditionally known for its additional space compared to other units in the property. This is usually maximised through open floor plans and higher ceilings. The master bedroom is typically large and will have its own en suite bathroom. You should expect additional living space, such as a dedicated dining room.
  • Outdoor space: The hallmark of a penthouse is that it has outdoor space. This is usually a balcony area, but in the most luxurious penthouse apartments in London it may be a rooftop deck or garden, or a terrace. Depending on the location, this may afford you excellent views of your chosen corner of London.

Many penthouses come with their own direct access, for example an elevator opening directly into the apartment. However, this isn’t a guaranteed feature. Penthouse apartments in London vary considerably in size and specification. Some have as many as three bedrooms, whereas others are 1-2 bedrooms.

Why choose a penthouse apartment in London

There are many enticing reasons to choose a penthouse apartment in London. Here are some of the top drivers:

1.      Top end luxury

The number one reason for choosing to stay in a penthouse is that it’s the best of the best. It’s always the best unit in the building and comes with the highest standards of luxury throughout. London stays, where possible, should be all about living the high life, and a penthouse fits the bill. For pure indulgence during your London stay, a penthouse is hard to beat.

2.      You get more perks

Penthouse apartments tend to come with extra perks. You may get bottles of Champagne, welcome baskets, top of the range entertainment systems and more. You usually benefit from a concierge and additional services too.

3.      It’s spacious

Space is at a premium in London. Penthouse apartments are larger than standard units. After a busy day in London working or seeing the sights then having space to relax is important. This definitely beats the average hotel room and is often more spacious than standard serviced apartments in the capital.

4.      It’s quieter

Staying in a city can be a noisy affair and that’s not what you need from your accommodation. Penthouses on the top floor benefit from ensuring you’re never disturbed by upstairs noise, or even walking on the floor. Even penthouses which aren’t on the top floor are usually the quietest in the building.

5.      Outdoor space

London is actually fantastic for large green open spaces, but sometimes, you want some outdoor space without having to share it with others or being disturbed. The way Londoners get this is by having a balcony, courtyard or rooftop terrace/garden. That’s what you get with a penthouse. Sit back in the evening with a glass of wine in hand and let the busyness of London fade away.

6.      Wonderful views

It’s not guaranteed with every penthouse, but often you can find some of the most spectacular views in London from penthouse balconies! Being able to watch the changing sky from dawn to dusk over one of the world’s most iconic cityscapes is an opportunity not to be missed. We’ve got apartments with views of the Shard, St Paul’s, the London Eye and other world-famous landmarks.

7.      You get bragging rights

Who can say they’ve stayed in a penthouse in the heart of London? Have fun sharing snaps from your balcony on social media!

How to find penthouse apartments in London

If we’ve got you convinced that a penthouse apartment is right for your next stay then your next step is to pick the apartment. We have a huge range of choice, such as the Aldgate Luxury Penthouse in the City of London and the Mayfair Retreat Penthouse in Mayfair. However, be aware that it’s actually quite tricky to determine if an apartment labelled as a penthouse actually meets your expectations of what a penthouse is.

For this reason, for penthouse apartments in London, we always recommend getting in touch with our team who can help you. London is huge and they can help you determine where you want to stay and cherry pick exactly what you’re looking for in your accommodation.

Browse our luxury apartments. Complete our online form, call on +44 (0) 208 004 0007, or drop us an email at [email protected].