Choosing self-catering accommodation in London is the best way to have a home-from-home base with all of the amenities you need, in a central location. There are numerous benefits of selecting self-catering accommodation in London over a hotel stay, so read on to find out more and discover how to find the best self-catering in the capital.

What can you expect from self-catering accommodation in London?

Self-catered accommodation in London is typically found in a serviced apartment or flat. It is also available in complete houses, especially outside of central London, for example in areas such as Richmond or Hampstead.

The defining feature of self-catering accommodation is that a fully-equipped kitchen is provided so that you can prepare your own meals. Many self-catering accommodations are self-contained. However, some may be within an aparthotel or linked with other services, so that while you can prepare your own meal if you wish, you can also enjoy onsite catering if this is what you prefer.

The benefits of self-catering accommodation in London

·         Location

There are self-catering options across London from Zone 1 to Zone 6. This means you can stay in the right part of this large city according to what you want to be near. Business travellers visiting offices in The City or Docklands can choose between these respective locations. Alternatively, leisure travellers who want to live like the rich and famous and amble down to Kensington’s best museums can find accommodation to suit them too.

·         Flexibility

Self-catering accommodation in London offers much more flexibility. You can choose when and how to eat, choosing to get groceries in or eat out at one of London’s many and diverse restaurants. Different members of your party can enjoy breakfast at different times, for example. You can even use your kitchen for private entertaining, bringing in a private chef if you wish to impress. What’s more, London has some of the most incredible food markets, such as Borough Market, so you will be spoilt for choice choosing ingredients to enjoy.

·         Freedom

You can each come and go as you like, never needing to ‘clear out’ for housekeeping, in self-catering accommodation. If your jet leg means you need a nap in the afternoon but might be out late, there are no concerns. If you want to leave the teens ‘at home’ on their devices while you take in the arts and culture, you can. If you have children that need to go to bed before the adults, it’s easy. If you’re a business traveller who needs somewhere to work between meetings, you aren’t stuck working around hotel timings or a small dressing table desk. You can do things at your pace, in your own way.

·         Cost-effective luxury

Self-catering accommodation is typically all-inclusive. The price you pay includes all bills and should also include things like WiFi and 24 hour support. Regular housekeeping (usually weekly) is included within the price. Self-catering accommodation in London always works out to be more cost-effective than staying in the same standard hotel. You’ll typically get far more for your money, including more space. Whether you want to save money to spend on London experiences, or need to keep costs reasonable for business expenses, self-catering accommodation makes financial sense.

·         Home-from-home environment

Those in self-catering accommodation in London benefit from having their own home-from-home living space within the capital. The space is self-contained and affords the same privacy you would expect at home which isn’t available within a hotel. You aren’t required to share common areas, such as lounge areas, with other guests. Having your ‘own front door’ makes for a safe location for a London stay. You may also be able to choose a pet-friendly London accommodation to allow your furry friend to accompany you on your trip.

·         Space

Expect to get more space with self-catering accommodation. In London, hotel rooms are typically quite small. There is space for a bed, ensuite and usually a dressing table/desk. With self-catering accommodation, expect dedicated bedrooms, a central living space, dining area and separate bathroom/s. The space is more spacious and more versatile. You may even have your own outdoor garden, terrace or balcony. There is more space for your belongings and to truly unpack, rather than be forced to live out of a suitcase.

Who is self-catering suited to?

Self-catering in London suits a wide range of travellers. It is particularly suitable for family leisure travellers looking for an affordable and convenient place to stay in a capital city. The extra space (including defined bedrooms) is useful for those with children and the kitchen makes mealtimes easier.

However, self-catering accommodation is also excellent for business travellers to London. With extra space for working and entertaining, it beats being in a hotel room. Additionally, many self-catering apartments in London are linked to office facilities, should they be needed.

Self-catering accommodation ranges from budget to luxury and so suits anyone.

Booking self-catering accommodation in London

We know that you need a wide range of accommodation to choose from so that you can get exactly what you need from your self-catering accommodation in London. At London Serviced Apartments, we provide a full range of self-catering options in the capital from self-contained studio apartments to 3+ bedroom apartments and houses. We have accommodation available in all areas including Central London and near Heathrow airport. Special rates are usually available for extended stays.

Get in touch on +44 (0) 208 004 0007 and our knowledgeable advisers can help you find the best self-catering accommodation in London, whatever the style of your trip.