Serviced apartments are the buzz phrase in travelling – and with good reason. For business and leisure travellers alike, they are the answer to many problems of traditional accommodation options. In London, this couldn’t be truer. Here are our, Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Serviced Apartment over a Hotel.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

Starting with a factor we all consider – money. Travelling can be expensive. Businesses will try to get a healthier bottom line, leisure travellers need to protect their own wallet. Serviced apartments typically deliver far more for less cost. This is particularly true if you’re travelling in a family or larger group, or for a longer stay.

  1. Comfort When You Need It

Often we underrate the importance of home comforts when we’re travelling. We accept that losing the aspects of our daily life that we find comforting (whether that’s being able to watch TV with a glass of wine, or snuggling up with a good book) are part and parcel of travelling. With a serviced apartment you are spoiled with home comforts, often more than you’d actually have at home. What’s more, in a serviced apartment you won’t be juggling with restricted or poor Wi-Fi.

  1. Local Concierge

In hotels the concierge has a limited function, and they are often geared towards steering you in a certain direction. That’s if the hotel has a concierge. Many London Serviced Apartments have a 24-hour concierge. The service provided is exemplary as these are London thoroughbreds who really know their turf. They can help you with all of your travel and social arrangements: from dining reservations, to the easiest route to your meeting.

  1. Food!

Whether travelling on business or leisure, food is an important part of our travelling experience. Whether that’s time sourcing it, time enjoying it, or wanting to actively track down new tastes and flavours. The problem with a hotel is you’re a little restricted. The hotel restaurant will likely serve one style of fare, and it’s not much use if you don’t fancy a big meal. All serviced apartments come with a fully-equipped kitchen or kitchenette, meaning you can whip up that late night snack or leisurely breakfast. If you want gourmet private dining you simply get in a private chef. In addition, you’re not tied to one restaurant – you can go and explore.

  1. Something Unique

Often with a hotel, you could actually be anywhere in the world. Rarely does the hotel itself feed in to the wider travelling and cultural experience. With a serviced apartment you’ll be experiencing the local take on a particular city’s lifestyle. In addition, you get bespoke service. If you want your cupboards stocked with a particular good before you arrive, it can be arranged.

  1. Space

London hotel rooms, like in any city, tend to be on the small side. Space is at a premium. With the vast majority of serviced apartments you are getting considerably more space for your money. Your apartment will likely be made up of several rooms making the space more usable too. If you’re in a group, or with family, this is essential.

  1. Privacy

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to choose a serviced apartment over a hotel is privacy. You have space to work, play, and relax, without any interruptions. You have your own private space – much as you do at home. No need to be up and out before housekeeping. No need to spend the evening in a bar when you’d rather be on the sofa with a glass of wine.

  1. Housekeeping

The problem with housekeeping in hotels is that it’s not on your terms. You have to be out at a fixed point and you’re restricted to a set schedule and service. In serviced apartments you can have different levels of housekeeping service to suit your needs, at a time to suit you. Rather than forgoing a hotel ‘perk’, a serviced apartment improves on it.

  1. Safety and Security

Serviced apartments are self-contained and intrinsically private. No one comes through the door who hasn’t been let in by you, and come in through the security entrance usually consisting of CCTV, security staff, and a secure outer entry.

  1. Your Kind of Service

With a hotel you might be limited to a menu of extra options. However, with a Serviced Apartment, you can choose the kind of extras you’d like. Whilst you might get a welcome pack as standard including tea, coffee, and toiletries, you can also request anything you’d like or need before you arrive. So, if you need nappies, they can be there, or stationery made available for your meetings. Then, add in the flexibility a serviced apartment brings, and you have a great arrangement for your travel accommodation. So now that we’ve convinced you to choose a serviced apartment over a hotel, why not go and browse which serviced apartment in London you’d like to stay in, and see the benefits for yourself?