The way we travel is changing fast and our mobile devices are making moving around the globe even easier than before.  Below is a list of top travel apps that we think are simply the best travel apps. skyscanner flight travel apps

  1. Skyscanner: Hands down the best way to find flexible, well priced flights! I swear by this for booking cheap flights and it is super easy to use on the go. It is also great for seeing which destinations are cheapest to fly to and when.
  2. World Lense: This is a great app for translating writing, perhaps a brochure, sign or menu into your own language! Simply hover over the text and it will translate it. Easy.
  3. Google translate: This is another great translation tool because you just type a phrase you would like to know and it translates it, with a speaking function too for better pronunciation.
  4. XE Currency: Think you are getting a good deal or even worse ripped off? Use this currency converter to show real time how much things cost in your own currency.
  5. Evernote: Saves all your confirmations, lists and tips from friends in one place. Plus you can upload snaps.
  6. Skype: An oldie but a goodie. Talk to your friends/ family/ colleagues face to face. Great for those on a business trip or long stay.
  7. Tripadvisor: Good to see guest reviews of attractions and for top 10 lists of things to do. Great if you are going somewhere new.
  8. Google Maps: The ‘offline’ feature enables you to download areas and places to visit, so you can still use the map without Wi-Fi or using your data.
  9. My fitness Pal: By scanning a bar code on a foreign food product you can see the food content. Great if you are health conscience or just want to know what is in a food you don’t recognise.
  10. Pinterest: I use this to gather tips and advice. Easy to make folders and pin articles and images to this folder for inspiration.