Spring 2020 has been dominated by one thing: coronavirus. However, does that mean you can’t visit the most iconic tourist destinations in the world? If you choose to self-isolate in the capital, then choose from one of our available London serviced apartments, and still get to enjoy a world-famous London attraction, as well as virtually visiting other places all around the world. That’s right, when you’re sick of the four walls around you; it’s time to dive into the virtual world of Google Arts & Culture. Here you can explore thousands of world famous museums and galleries. You can wander the hallowed halls and galleries without ever having to hop on a plane, or even leave your sofa. What better way to gently pass some time? Here we reveal our top 7 virtual museum tour suggestions. Plenty are in London, but we’re going to take you around the globe.

The National Gallery – London

The National Gallery in London sits proudly overlooking Trafalgar Square. However, you don’t need to dodge lions and pigeons to take a look inside. There are so many incredible works of art to explore here. We promise that even if you’re not an art buff, you’ll recognise some, such as Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ or Turner’s ‘Fighting Temeraire’. When you’re in isolation: Take The National Gallery Virtual Tour. When you’re able to visit in person: Visit the Gallery for free and enjoy their 30 Must-See paintings.

Guggenheim Museum – New York

Ever wanted to meander up and down the infamous spiral staircase at New York’s Guggenheim Museum? Now is your chance. Within Google Arts & Culture, you can use Street View to do just that. It’s all about the “uninterrupted wave of art” here, focusing largely on modern and contemporary works. When you’re in isolation: Take the New York Guggenheim Museum Virtual Tour. When you’re able to visit in person: Make sure you walk the staircase yourself, and take time to pause and consider the passing of time from an artist’s point of view.

Musée de l’Orangerie – Paris

Banish the thoughts of boredom and isolation by immersing yourself in the world of Monet’s water lilies at the Musée de l’Orangerie. Time will stand still and it’ll feel like you’re in Monet’s garden itself, without having to metaphorically push other viewers out of the way. No need to catch the Eurostar to visit Paris from London when you do it virtually! Not having to wade through the crowds, means you’ll be left with the energy to explore other works by other famous impressionists such as Picasso, Renoir, Cezanne and Matisse. When you’re in isolation: Take the Musée de l’Orangerie Virtual Tour. When you’re able to visit in person: Stay in a London serviced apartment and visit Paris for the day using the Eurostar from St Pancras.

British Museum – London

Anyone who has been to the British Museum in person knows that the frustration of crowd numbers can easily outweigh the magic of spying the Rosetta stone, or marvelling at the Egyptian mummies. The chance of getting close enough to the Rosetta stone to decipher some hieroglyphics is slim. Using the virtual tour, you can wander around the museum at leisure. You can consider the ethics of it housing the Elgin Marbles and explore every iconic artefact. When you’re in isolation: Take the British Museum Virtual Tour. When you’re able to visit in person: Now you’ve seen the main sights, uncover some of the equally amazing lesser known items in the collection, such as the somewhat amusing Lewis Chessmen.

The Uffizi Gallery – Florence

The Uffizizi features on the bucket list of many people. So why not get a head start and whet your appetite for the future? Dating back to the 1500s, the building itself is impressive, incorporating the ancient church of San Pier Scheraggio. As well as being an architectural marvel, there are some world famous collections of art, sculpture and various artefacts. When you’re in isolation: Take the Uffizi Gallery Virtual Tour. When you’re able to visit in person: Take the opportunity to walk through the passage which starts at the Palazzo Vecchio and goes all the way to the Boboli Gardens.

Tate Britain – London

The Tate Britain is usually high on the agenda for culture lovers visiting London. Describing itself as “the home of British art from 1500 to today”, that certainly makes it alluring for a visit. Here you can tangle your mind around the sculptures of Henry Moore, or simply and calmly reflect on the works of Turner. When you’re in isolation: Take the Tate Britain Virtual Tour. When you’re able to visit in person: The Tate is enormous, so you may want to narrow it down and enjoy the free Spotlights display.

Van Gogh Museum – Amsterdam

The Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, is an absolutely incredible collection of over 200 paintings, 750 letters and 500 drawings in the permanent collection alone. This is a fantastic virtual tour for taking your mind off the worries of the world, and stepping into the mind set of one man. Looking at the world from a different perspective can certainly help. When you’re in isolation: Take the Van Gogh Museum Virtual Tour. When you’re able to visit in person: Contemplate The Bedroom painting and consider how much more comfortable it would be to stay in a London serviced apartment!

Visiting London

Right now you may have to make do with visiting these museums and galleries virtually. However, when you’re ready to travel again, we’ll be here, ready to help you choose where is best to stay to explore London for real. Have a browse of our apartments and start planning your next London city break.