10 Reasons to Book a Staycation in London 2023

With the wintry days and grind of life making us dream of escapes and holidays, why not consider a London staycation? Often overlooked, a staycation in London can bring you those iconic getaway moments you’re looking for, from fabulous culinary experiences and incredible sights to world-class accommodation and budget-friendly eco-friendly travel.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to discover 10 compelling reasons why you should book a staycation in London in 2023.

1. The travel is a cinch

London is one of the world’s most dominant travel hubs for international travel, but it’s also super easy to get to from within the UK.

London is where the majority of motorways converge, and there are many rail terminals putting you in central London from any direction, including Euston, Paddington, Charing Cross, Kings Cross, Liverpool Street, London Bridge, Waterloo, and others.

What’s more, when you staycation in London you won’t need to wrestle with the airport queues which have become tiresome and cumbersome in recent years. You won’t have to navigate time zones or undertake frustrating transfers.

Stress-free travel is a huge draw for your staycation in London. And that means more time to enjoy your stay whether you come for two nights or two weeks!

2. It’s London!

Overseas arrivals in London hit nearly 22 million in 2019. That’s a lot of people from around the world voting with their feet and choosing to visit one of the world’s most impressive capital cities. And it’s on your doorstep. From Instagrammable moments to some of the most famous experiences and sights in the world, London has got enough to make it into your list of the top places to visit.

Right now, London is at its best. There are all the favourite attractions and sights, from the London Eye to Westminster Abbey, but there are also increasing numbers of new exciting experiences and attractions, including interactive exhibitions themed around everything from art to Netflix big hits. There’s really enough here for several holidays, whatever your demographic and interests.

Don’t miss out on a holiday in London just because it wouldn’t involve going on holiday abroad.

3. It’s the holiday that won’t break the bank

We get it – we’re all feeling the pinch of rising inflation and the Cost of Living Crisis has sent out ripples into everyone’s back pocket. Add in turbulent economic times causing weakness in the pound (making international payments ‘cost’ more), and the looming recession that’s hailed for 2023, it’s time to have the holiday without the financial worry.

When you choose a staycation in one of our London serviced apartments, you can sort by price. And to make things even better – you always get more space and luxury with a serviced apartment in London. In short, you can make your pound go further. Of course, there won’t be any flight costs either, saving you a penny or two.

4. London does luxury

While offering cost-effective staycation options, London also does luxury stays with aplomb. Indeed, London venues and accommodation often sets the bar for high-quality hospitality.

London is bursting with luxury accommodation. For the best of the best, we recommend choosing luxury serviced apartments. You get all the first-class amenities of a hotel but with extra space and unique interiors. Our luxury serviced apartments often come with their own concierge and many also boast additional services such as private chefs and onsite spas.

There are also so many luxury experiences in London. There are 66 Michelin star restaurants in the city. Many clubs, bars, attractions and venues offer VIP experiences. There are countless spas, unique and bespoke opportunities and with it all steeped in the culture and history of London, you’re sure to rate this as one of your most luxurious getaways.

5. It’s a chance to help our own economy

Back to our recession concerns which we know are weighing on the minds of many as they make their holiday plans for 2023, choosing a staycation helps your national economy. Instead of sending your holiday pound overseas, spending it in London helps to boost our economy.

The pandemic has hit tourist attractions and hospitality hard. These restaurants, bars, attractions and events need our money so that we can still enjoy excellent choice and opportunities going forwards. Support local venues on your staycation and you’ll benefit from London’s famous hospitality and enjoy the feel good factor of knowing you’re contributing to the local economy too.

6. You get more time

So much time on holiday is lost to travel. Realistically, especially with airports and ferry crossings, you lose a day outbound and a day homeward bound to travel. What a waste – this is your holiday! You can even enjoy a one night stay in London and still have two nearly complete days to explore the sights if you live anywhere south of the Midlands.

Choose a serviced apartment for your accommodation and you can make the most of your time in London.

7. There’s so much choice

London for a staycation is fabulous because there is a plethora of serviced apartments to choose from. When you choose a serviced apartment for your staycation, you get the true London experience. It’s so flexible – you can have breakfast in your apartment, hop back during the day to drop off shopping bags or have a rest, and fill your day with sightseeing before also enjoying the city after dark. If you’re travelling with family, a serviced apartment also means you won’t have to spend your evening managing children’s bed times and the limitations of hotel rooms.

8. Staycations are great for the planet

As we all become aware of our personal responsibility, especially when it comes to our carbon footprint, many of us want to consciously choose more eco-friendly holiday options. The most eco-friendly option is to ditch the flights and plump for a staycation. Air travel is bad news for the environment – indeed; it’s the most harmful form of transportation. Take public transport into London (it makes sense logistically), and you are choosing an eco-friendly holiday option.

9. You’ll feel at ease

Overseas holidays are great but the culture and language changes can actually leave you feeling pretty tired. You’ve got to think carefully about how to communicate and unfamiliarity can even leave you feeling unsafe.

With a staycation in London, you can explore a new area and experience new things, taste new foods and meet new people, all within the comfort zone of already understanding and feeling at home in the culture and language. That’s not to say you won’t love the multi-cultural vibe of London, but you get to enjoy it without any concerns about being a stranger.

10. You can holiday the way you want… even with your pets

Whether you’re a family of five when it seems all holidays are set up for the standard four, or you really want to bring your dog along on holiday too, a staycation is the answer. You can choose the serviced apartment in London that is perfect for your group. Want some help choosing your London accommodation to suit your party? Call us on 0208 004 0007.

London is fantastic for animals and children too. There are huge swathes of park and green spaces where both can let off steam. There are even London restaurants and pubs that welcome your four-legged friend. That means you’ll save on the cost of a dog-sitter too!

London is perfect for a staycation. Choose your accommodation today and plan your London staycation for 2023!