Visiting London? If it’s your 1st time or even your 50th trip to the city, there’s bound to be some hidden gems just waiting to be discovered, and downloading the right apps can go a long way in helping you do just that. So, on your next visit, consider leaving the guidebook at home and downloading a handful of must-have apps to help you navigate the ins and outs of the city, showing off all it has to offer whilst saving you time and money! Here are 5 apps to download before visiting London:

  • Visit London 

Available on Android and IOS, Visit London is the quintessential city guide. Walk around London like a local with the help of Visit London’s handy features including offline mode, area guides, directions and exclusive deals and discounts. With hand-picked lists of the best attractions and amazing hidden gems around the city, Visit London is full of ideas to inspire even the most seasoned London visitor.

  • Citymapper

Citymapper remains one of the best navigation apps available right now. Not only does it provide detailed routes and transport options for every journey you make, but it also factors in real-time service updates and includes price estimates alongside live ETAs – it even tells you the best tube carriage to select in order to shorten your walking time. The best part? Citymapper is absolutely free for both Android and IOS devices.

  • hiyacar

There are an abundance of transport apps out there, but none quite like this one. Essentially a car-sharing app, hiyacar lets you borrow a vehicle for however long you need it. Simply sign on with the app to be able to find available cars nearby and get started on exploring the city. hiyacar lets you go off the beaten track and experience all of London – including those far corners where public transport isn’t as frequent!

  • British St. Food

Hungry? With British St. Food, you’re privy to the best street food in London. With live GPS capabilities, the app is able to show you exactly who is trading and where they’re situated, alongside useful information on specials – so you can get a good idea on what to order. By encouraging customers to photograph and review their food, the app also hopes to raise the profile of the street food community – ensuring visitors always get the chance to sample the most delicious street food available, and that the best small-time food traders get the recognition they deserve.

  • London Theatre Direct

Here’s one for the theatre lovers. With London Theatre Direct, you can browse all available London shows alongside showtimes and theatre addresses. Not only this, but you can buy tickets in-app as well, taking the hassle out of queuing at the ticket office. With last minute deals, special discounts and information on the best seats in the house, London Theatre Direct is a must-have for anyone hoping to catch a famous London show.