The UK Government are toying with the idea of a new points-based immigration system not too dissimilar from the ones used in Canada, New Zealand and Australia. A post-Brexit move to the red bus capital may be a little different to what came before, but some things are still the same. So, what do you need to know before packing your bags and moving to live in London as an expat? Grab your passport and let’s talk it through.

  1. Finding a Job First

Most people need to find a job before they move to London because let’s face it, it is an expensive city. However, the financial obligation will soon become an immigration one for EU citizens as well. So, the first thing any expat hopeful will need to do is start searching for jobs in London. This means knowing about the best UK job sites – and one of them is Jobrapido. This site uses AI when job seekers enter their search terms, so they find all the relevant results seamlessly with fewer search entries. Save time and headaches by using Jobrapido.

  1. Start Learning London Geography

If you’ve never visited London before you probably don’t realise how big it is. Plus a person can’t just live in London if you have a job in London; it definitely requires a bit more thought, as there is the risk of having to endure hours of being on the Tube or bus. The city is so vast you need to consider the different postcodes and areas to live in relation to your work. Oh, and don’t forget to wise up about Oyster cards and their tariffs!

  1. Tube Etiquette

Getting on the Tube can be an exciting and also intimidating experience for first-timers. The stereotypes that nobody will acknowledge each other is not exactly true, but it is even more fast-paced than you imagine. One of the best tips is saved for the escalators. Always keep to the left if you are walking and the right if you are standing. It’s a golden rule not to break unless you like physical contact and rugby tackles (slight exaggeration).

  1. Dipping Your Toes in London

If you are not 100% sure of committing to London life, then there is a way that specific populations can test the waters for up to two years. The Youth Mobility Visa Tier 5 allows those under 30 from many countries around the world to come to the UK to live and work. This may be a more natural way into London than having to source a job before entering – and perfect for those who can’t wait to jump on a red London bus, pose in a red telephone box and visit the Palace. London can be one of the coolest, fascinating and most exciting adventures of your life. If you are prepared to live life in the fast lane, then this city is for you. Soon you will be as British as Sunday roasts and warm beer. Cheers!