Many people the world over dream of living abroad, perhaps for a change of climate, better career prospects or to immerse themselves in the exotic. Whether for job reasons or retirement, every year millions of us actually go ahead and attempt to make it a reality. So for those who are considering relocating to London but don’t want to commit to any housing commitment straightaway for whatever reasons then you should consider staying at a serviced apartment. Here are top 5 reasons we think short stay serviced apartments are best for any expats relocating to London. Convenience Securing a rental in London is hard enough for the locals let alone for someone who’s currently overseas. So checking yourself into a serviced apartment simply by speaking with our booking agent can find yourself a temporary home away from home. We will take your budget, work locations, Hassle Free One of the biggest perks of staying at a serviced apartment as a quick and short-term solution to your relocation is eliminating the headaches of trying to sort out the utilities and council tax needed for the rental place. Imagine moving into a home-like place and can just get on with your new life straightaway! Extra Room Compared to hotels and B&Bs, serviced apartments come with a living room, kitchen and sometimes additional room for workspace. Why confine yourself to a small room, eating a takeaway dinner off your knee at the end of a bed, when you can cook your own meal and eat it in a setting more akin to a dining room than a bedroom? Socialising With the additional space at your serviced apartment, it means you can begin socialising with your new colleagues or friends by inviting them to a dinner party where you cook up your country’s famous cousins and to get to know each other. Not only that, an apartment is also more inviting of visiting relatives too, removing the awkwardness of having to call in on someone in their bedroom. Amenities With all the amenities of a hotel plus much more on offer, choosing a serviced apartment in London as your intermediary accommodation is nothing less than having a home away from home. All the usual home comforts are available, meaning that your apartment is more than just a place to sleep, it is an abode suited to living the life you want to lead, for however long you need. If you’re an expat in need of a temporary home then why not let us help ease the stress of relocating with a few weeks or months of luxury accommodation. Maintain your standard of living and independence by staying in a serviced apartment in London. You can read about the 7 things you should consider when relocating to London to help with your move. Secure your ideal apartment now by filling in this booking form or calling +44(0)208 004 0007 for a quotation.