accommodation pet peeves that can be fixed by serviced apartments

1.      No free Wi-Fi:

Having no free Wi-Fi in a hotel is the most irritating thing for guests (Daily Mail, 2014).  Of course as our habits have changed and continue to do so, accommodation should be keeping up with this and some of the big hotel chains are still charging for this.  Free Wi-Fi is available in serviced apartments!

2.      Poor cleanliness

Lack of cleanliness is definitely up there with things that we all hate when staying in accommodation. A basic fact that some places miss out on!  Serviced apartments are well cleaned before any guest arrival. Along with this, either weekly or daily maid service is offered.  And additional maid service can be provided on request in many serviced apartments!

3.      Noisiness of a hotel

Noisiness of a hotel is something many people aren’t a fan of (London Free Press, 2012).  You have had a long day and want to relax so the last thing you want is to listen to a party you’re not invited to. Serviced apartments provide a very private space with additional room and many with their own door entry.

4.      Skimping on amenities

There is nothing more annoying than when you need two towels (one for head and one for body) and there is just one towel! What does one do in this instance? Well in a serviced apartment you will not suffer the lack of sufficient clean towels and maid service will make sure they are the towels fit for a king or queen. Lack of towels and toiletries can be very annoying (Business Insider, 2010. Huffington Post, 2012) but serviced apartments always come with a complementary supply of toiletries.

5.      Eating in Hotel Rooms

Many people travel for business purposes and choose to order and eat in.  But we know how challenging having a simple meal can be to consume when we are cramped into one ill equipped hotel room. No plates, cutlery and nowhere decent to eat other than possibly a business desk.  And nowhere to store food other than possibly a little fridge. Serviced apartments remedy this pet peeve by providing either a complete kitchenette or fully equipped kitchen, both of which enable the storing, preparing and best of all the eating of food.  Or order in and actually sit at a dining table with all the required equipped to eat. This can also streamline food costs for both guests on business travel or vacation because eating out every single morning, noon and night can be very expensive. To find out more about serviced apartments give us a call on 0208 520 02 44 or simply send us an enquiry.