Did you think you needed to cancel your special trip to London because of coronavirus fears? There are actually a tonne of reasons why now is a fantastic time to go ahead with that memorable trip. With a few pointers and ideas about Covid-safe London accommodation, you can make the most of enjoying London without the crowds.

Covid-secure London accommodation

It’s understandable that visiting a large city during a pandemic can feel daunting. However, central to feeling safe is choosing Covid-secure London accommodation. Those who provide accommodation in London have been given detailed guidance on creating Covid-secure accommodation. However, obviously hotels are large gathering places and you may still feel apprehensive. The solution is to choose a serviced apartment in London. Whilst meeting requirements on cleanliness, the space is completely your own. No one else will have access to your accommodation for the duration of your stay.

Making your trip to London safe and special

We’ve had lots of bookings of a new kind. With usual holidays and weekend breaks cancelled, and days out limited, we’re experiencing a surge in family special occasion bookings. Simply a change of scene in the capital, with a birthday breakfast in a new place, is becoming an option for families celebrating children’s or teen birthdays. The same is true for those special adult birthdays too. Lots of attractions in London are open and you can now enjoy them without the crowds. You can celebrate a romantic moment on the London Eye, take your children to delight in the pygmy hippos at London Zoo, or enjoy a more relaxed shopping experience on Oxford Street. Check out where you want to go beforehand, and you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised to discover that it’s open, and it may even be a more enjoyable experience.

Travelling around

We understand that one of the biggest concerns for visitors to London during the pandemic is public transport. However, there are some fun alternatives that will help you feel secure and collect memories.

  • Take a rickshaw: You’ll see them ready and waiting in various places around London, but you can hop in a rickshaw much like you’d hop in a cab. There’s usually a blanket to wrap yourself in and you’ll get from A to B without breathing in a confined indoor space.
  • Hire a bike: Santander Cycles are a common site in London. It’s just £2 for 30 minutes and with loads of docking stations around the city, you don’t need to return it to the original dock.
  • Ride an open top bus: There are lots of open top bus tour companies in London, such as Big Bus. Grab a provided blanket and head up to the top deck where you can relax and enjoy the sites whilst keeping warm.

Anything else?

Most London restaurants have reopened safely. With social distancing and extra measures in place, you should feel safe to eat out. However, if you still feel wary, then the beauty of a London serviced apartment is that you can have take-away food in your own accommodation. You’ll have plates, cutlery and everything else you need. And what’s more, in London, the choice of take-out food is plentiful! Book your special trip to London today by calling us on +44 (0) 208 004 0007.