During the coronavirus outbreak, many London-located keyworkers have found themselves in a tricky position. Some don’t want to face the pressures of a long commute, following difficult shifts. Some are working longer hours, so ideally need to be closer to work. And others, particularly those working on Covid-19 wards, don’t want to risk living at home with their family during this time. Yet, hotels and hospitality services across London remain closed, and will stay so for a long while yet. So, where can keyworkers stay in London, and how can they afford notoriously high London prices?

Keyworker accommodation in London

The solution is to rent an apartment at a reduced rate. We have many serviced apartments suitable for individuals, or colleagues who wish to stay together, across the capital. Whether you work in healthcare at the Royal Free Hospital near Hampstead, or are a vital postal worker at the Mount Pleasant Mail Centre in Clerkenwell, or a TFL worker, or in the Met Police, there will be a serviced apartment near your work.

Are you a London keyworker?

If you are a key worker, your work is deemed vital to combating the coronavirus outbreak and keeping the country running in lockdown. As such, you are a priority for coronavirus testing and are able to make use of schools and childcare as needed. Find out if you are a keyworker in London. Keyworkers work in a huge range of areas including health and social care, education, food production, delivery and sale, public services, government, utilities, public safety and security, transport and more. Therefore, there is a large number of people potentially who may need accommodation in London during the outbreak, and who are finding it hard to secure.

Why choose an apartment?

Hotels in London have been forced to close, or are being used for other purposes. Even if you could find one to book, hotels are, in many ways, communal and therefore a risk. An apartment offers you your own private space, which you can keep isolated from others in the same way as your own home. You can come and go as you need, which is particularly vital for keyworkers who are working unusual or anti-social shift patterns. With an apartment you also benefit from far more than a hotel room. As well as a bedroom, you’ll have a comfortable area to sit and relax when you can, as well as a kitchen or kitchenette for preparing your own food if you wish.

Where can you stay in London as a keyworker?

The most important thing to consider is the actual location. As a London worker, you’ll know that the capital is enormous and your goal should be to minimise your distance to your place of work. Ideally, choose somewhere within walking distance so that you don’t need to increase your exposure by using public transport. Fortunately, there are apartments for keyworkers available at a discounted rate across the capital. Examples include:

  • Locations in North London such as Clerkenwell for the Mount Pleasant Mail Centre, and hospitals such as the Royal Free.
  • Central London apartments, suitable for government workers and those keyworkers still needed in the City.
  • There are many apartments available in South London, such as around London Bridge, putting you in close distance to keyworker working locations such as Guy’s and St Thomas’.
  • If NHS Nightingale is needed again in the future then there are apartments in Docklands

Will I get housekeeping?

Unfortunately, all of our serviced apartments need to run a reduced housekeeping service because of the limitations of social distancing, and keeping everyone safe. Therefore, check which housekeeping options are available with your particular chosen apartment. You can also make sure you choose an apartment with a dishwasher and/or washing machine.

Accommodation in London for keyworkers

If you would like to find out more about suitable accommodation near your place of work in London, during the coronavirus outbreak, then please email us for more information.