Even when it is for work purposes, few things are as exciting as moving to London for several months. Contract workers fortunate enough to do so to have the opportunity to experience all the lifestyle benefits afforded by living in the capital with none of the long-term commitments. Renting a serviced apartment means that you won’t just be staying in London, you’ll be really living there. After a hard day focusing on your career, when the clock strikes 5 PM you’ll be wanting to see what London looks like beyond the office window. In the third of our Best Places to Hang Out series we take a look at some of the most exciting places worthy of downtime in North London. From inviting fireplaces and exquisite dining to eccentric drinking spots and hard partying, here are some of our favourite places to go to after hours: The Elk In The Woods A temple to mahogany and old brickwork, people who have never been down to 37 Camden Passage for a tipple at The Elk In The Woods are missing out on one of London’s most unique drinking experiences. Decorated like a log cabin, it has other rustic elements that help transcend the chalet look and invokes a sense of the primeval. The deer skulls adorning the walls probably have something to do with that too.

Offering a great dining experience and impressive cocktails, this is one bar you’d kick yourself for missing out on. Thankfully, they are open 7 days a week (until 11 PM), so visiting London’s homage to the Rocky Mountains should never be a problem. Miusan Inspired by the opulent opium dens of 1940’s Paris and New York, Miusan is a temple devoted to pan-Asian dining and drinking. With its three floors harbouring a basement nightclub, a ground floor bar / restaurant and a mezzanine for private hire, it might just be possible for this Inverness Street venue to cater to your needs for an entire night out.

The Far East design scheme, mostly inspired by Buddhism, and the tastes and aromas of Chinese, Malaysian and Thai dishes will have you eager to explore the Orient, especially after a few of their lychee and jasmine infused cocktails. Closed for functions on Mondays, Miusan is open to the public until 11 PM every other night of the week. The Old Queen’s Head Popular with the younger crowd, The Old Queen’s Head fuses 17th century décor with 21st century partying. On the surface it could be mistaken for a traditional British pub, albeit one decorated to look like the manor house of an eccentric Georgian Lord, but is more vibrant and fun than your local boozer ever could be.

Famous for their weekly ‘wild’ pub quiz on Tuesdays, throughout the week you’ll also find comedy and live music nights. The pub is also home to a karaoke room that can accommodate up to 15 people. Dancers will probably be more appreciative of the weekends however, when the venue is open until 2 AM and alive with pounding tunes from a variety of enthusiastic DJs. Serviced apartments in London offer the best home away from home for contract workers. Start planning your stay in North London now by booking your apartment on +44(0)208 004 0007 or by filling in this booking form.