The Guy Fawkes aspect to Bonfire Night may now be lost on many who enjoy a good fireworks display around the time of November the 5th each year. However the tradition of warming your hands on open flames after futilely attempting to spell your name by waving a sparkler about and then oohing and aahing at the colourful explosions in the sky have become just as important a part of our cultural history as the Gunpowder plot itself. Fittingly matching the scale and grandeur of the colossal and magnificent city itself, London is home to some of the greatest bonfires and firework displays in the country. If you’re temporarily in the capital for contract work then we highly recommend witnessing one of these events while you can. Using our list of 4 favourites below, why not discover the nearest one to you, entice some colleagues along with a bag of marshmallows for toasting, and have an explosive night out. 2018 London Fireworks

Alexandra Palace Fireworks Display

With exact details yet to be confirmed for 2018, the Alexandra Palace Fireworks Display is always among the country’s best bonfire night events. Taking place on both the Friday and Saturday nights of November the 2nd and 3rd, respectively, tickets should be booked in advance to avoid disappointment. As well as the main explosive light show, for only £8.50 last year attendees got to enjoy a Day of the Dead parade, a funfair, a beer festival, street food, and even some ice skating.

Gilwell Park Firework and Laser Display

Remember, remember, the 5th of November… while you’re having fun at the amazing fireworks and laser display at Gilwell Park on Sunday 28th October. It won’t just be the whizzes, pops and bangs of colour you’ll be enjoying on Bury Road, Chingford, either, as the park offers a bar, refreshment vans, dodgems cars, rock climbing facilities and high ropes. Gates open at 4 PM and the entrance fee is £8.50, although the night won’t go off with a bang until 7 PM when the rockets are launched.

Harrow Fireworks

Two great nights out are to be had in one at Byron Park Harrow on Saturday November the 3rd. For a reasonable sum of only £7.50 to £20 (VIP) you can celebrate both the Diwali Festival of Lights and Guy Fawkes Night. Most of the fireworks will be launched to the sounds of fun, upbeat pop music, however part of the festivities will be seen with an excellent, thunderous Hindi score accompanying it. Face painting, henna hand art and plenty of food vendors should continue to keep the family buzzing long after the display has fizzled. The fireworks pre-show begins at 7:30 PM and entrance is free before 4 PM.

Wimbledon Park Musical Fireworks Night

If you absolutely insist on seeing fireworks on the actual bonfire night then Wimbledon Park Musical Fireworks Night can accommodate you. Lighting the fire at 6:30 PM on Monday 5th November, a fireworks display appealing to young children follows 15 minutes later, with a second bonfire and pyrotechnics display for more mature attendees starting at 8:15 PM. Tickets to this musical themed event cost £10 or less, and should be purchased in advance as very few will be available at the gate. Considering an extended stay hotel for the duration of your contract work in London? Why not think about a serviced apartment instead. Whatever your reason for needing an extensive stay, call us on +44(0)208 004 0007 for advice on the best apartment for you. Alternatively, fill in this booking form to secure your apartment now.