Of all the reasons for visiting London, doing so to be closer to a family member undergoing medical treatment is the most important, the least appealing and probably the most daunting. And yet we find an increasing number of our guests are using our short term lets just for that purpose. Under such strenuous conditions, hotels can seem even colder, alienating and claustrophobic than usual. Accommodating additional family members for short periods brings added complications. Limited space not only makes life practically difficult but can add to rising tensions. The constant 24-hour hustle and bustle of a hotel corridor can make quiet moments of solitude seem almost impossible. During such a stressful time you’ll want to limit external factors that can put added strain on your stay. That’s why your best option for accommodation is a short term serviced apartment. Breathing Room – The extra space afforded by a serviced apartment helps ease that claustrophobic feeling often associated with hotels. Having several rooms to wander back and forth through really helps refresh your emotional mindset, meaning that if you have been spending a large part of your day worrying on a mobile phone in the lounge, you can more easily shift your state of mind when you retire to the bedroom. On a more practical level, the large, open spaciousness of an apartment is more easily navigated by crutches and wheelchairs, something that can cause much discomfort in hotel rooms. Stay Together – As established, apartments offer much more room than hotel rooms, but it isn’t only the extra beds accommodating visiting family members that are of benefit when it comes to space. The ability to spend time apart in separate rooms means that the tensions often built up during claustrophobic, cramped living conditions can be reduced, so even during a difficult period you’ll have a much better time staying together. Home Cooking – Health is at the forefront of everyone’s mind at times like this, and your own condition should not be ignored. Thanks to the fitted kitchen you needn’t order junk food every night, and a healthier lifestyle can be maintained. If you feel up to the task during particularly stressful times, you can even cook up some literal chicken soup for the soul. Privacy – At times like this we all need moments of solitude and reflection. Unlike the rooms adjoining busy hotel room corridors, apartments offer much quieter quarters. London can be an intimidating environment for those unaccustomed to life in a capital, so the peace and tranquillity of a serviced apartment can prove to be a much-needed respite for those finding it all a bit OTT. Retain Some Normalcy – Nothing helps beat the stress of feeling like your life is being turned upside down more than returning to some familiar routines. When we need a little time out from all the worry, the lounge section invites you to watch a bit of TV, listen to inspiring tunes on the music system, and access the internet via an excellent wifi connection. You’ll easily discover one of our serviced apartments close to all the main London hospitals. Once there, you’ll find our knowledge of transport links indispensable to ensuring you can travel back and forth in the most cost considered and time effective manner. Give yourself the gift of reducing the stress of being there for your family when they need you most. For advice on the best short term accommodation in London for you, call us on +44(0)208 004 0007 or to book an apartment simply fill in this booking form.