Top reasons to pick serviced apartments over standard hotel accommodation. The travel industry—from bed-and-breakfasts to five star hotel living—is comfortable and familiar to most of us, but out of the usual format we all know so well is emerging a burgeoning demand for a new kind of facility – the serviced apartment. Typically, serviced apartments are furnished properties available to be rented either for short or long-term stays, with numerous amenities available above and beyond the usual benefits of a hotel room. Think kitchen, en-suite, even living rooms. Generally, serviced apartments fall into one of three categories. The studio apartment, combining a living/sleeping area with a kitchen off to the side, with bathroom separate; the one-bedroom apartment, giving you a combined living/dining area with a seperate bedroom; and two-bedroom apartments (which is self-explanatory….) So why are people forgoing hotel rooms and flocking towards serviced apartments? It’s simple.

  • Price – with rates that will beat hotel prices nearly every single time.
  • Space – with kitchen and living space added on top of the usual sleeping space, flexibility and freedom is the key.
  • Privacy – in apartments with more than one bedroom, there’s always somewhere to find peace and quiet.
  • Entertaining – kitchen area means you can entertain at your leisure—whether it be cooking for your children, your family, or your newest prospective business clients.
  • Amenities – laundry, fridges and kitchen appliances are available to ease you through the day.
  • Personality – no more four hotel walls and standard-issue paintings on the wall—serviced apartments have a homely feel you can add your own touch to with ease.

A serviced apartment combines the luxury of a hotel suite, the cost-effectiveness of a hostel and the homeliness of a bed-and-breakfast, and there are a whole host of reasons why serviced apartments are fast becoming the preferred alternative. Perfect for… your wallet. Bottom line: serviced apartments are a cheaper alternative to a hotel. Not that a smaller price tag translates to a smaller room—in fact, your serviced apartment is likely to be bigger than the equivalently priced room. Serviced apartments charge per room, whereas hotels tend to charge by the person—double occupancy will double the rate, for the same amount of space. With a serviced apartment, you will pay the same whether it is for one person or two people. Not only that, but the lifestyle difference helps cut costs too. The price of cleaning, laundry, phones, internet and food turn out to be substantially less than hotels. Residents cooking their own meals and doing their own laundry cuts costs significantly, plus there’s no ‘hidden extras’ creeping that bill higher. Perfect for… space. We’ve said it already, but we’ll say it again: there’s no boxed in hotel room here. With the presence of separate rooms, including dining areas and kitchens, individuals, families and groups can spread out and enjoy their stay comfortably, rather than being confined to a single room, cooped up between four walls. We’ve all stayed in hotel rooms where it’s two steps from the side of the bed straight into the bath, or half a pace from corner to corner. Matchbox-sized hotel rooms might be fine for one night, but stretch that out for too long and cabin fever is going to set in quite quickly. Serviced apartments come in all shapes and sizes, and are tailored to suit every traveller’s needs, whether that be a compact studio apartment or a lavish penthouse—but you’ll never have to be confined, or make do with cramped beds, tiny wardrobes and cubicle-sized toilets. Perfect for… flexibility and privacy. Eat when you want, have it cleaned when you want. It’s almost as if you’re at home. Serviced apartments offer immense flexibility for you to do things in your own time, at your own pace, in your own way—including cooking, holding get-togethers, raiding the fridge at midnight, entertaining guests… the list goes on. Moreover, serviced apartments also offer the privacy of a hotel without the interference of any landlord or neighbours. Perfect for… room to breathe. Serviced apartments are perfect for one person or a couple who need a little extra space—perhaps those with a lot of luggage or possessions to store or spread out, or perhaps family will be dropping in on the vacation. Cramming everyone into a hotel room might be all well and good for a few hours, but pretty soon you’re going to want somewhere to escape, and serviced apartments offer just that option. Serviced apartments are even more idea when there are young people to consider as well—babies and children. A second, attached bedroom can be a great place to become the temporary nursery, kids room or place for the teenager to shuffle off to, granting privacy and space to everyone involved. Perfect for… cooking. You always have to enjoy the local cuisine when you’re on a vacation, but having a kitchen readily available means you can avoid feeling handcuffed to eating out every night. Let’s be honest—there could be times when all you need is something basic, like a bowl of cereal or a cup of coffee, which is where the kitchen will come in very handy. If you’re travelling with children, the kitchen is even better, as you’re likely to want to limit the number of restaurant meals that your children consume. Perfect for… entertaining. If you wish to entertain a have a few people, a service apartment allows you to do that, unlike in a tiny hotel room. It makes your accommodation less like a jumping off point for the day, and somewhere you can return to and spend time in if you so wish. This option is a boon to everyone—from holidaymakers meeting family to business executives wishing to entertain clients. Perfect for… light luggage. If your stay is longer than a week, there will always come a tipping point when packing enough clothes to last becomes impossible, and a quest to find the nearest laundromat becomes essential. That hassle is no more — all serviced apartments are equipped with washing machines and dryers or some form of laundry facilities. It might sound like a bit of a chore (and, let’s be honest, a rather run-of-the-mill benefit that you might not want to be thinking about on your hard-earned vacation) but it makes fantastic sense if your vacation is extensive, or the size of your luggage limited. Perfect for… business trips. Serviced apartments are the perfect solution for sending two professionals or employees to the same location for work purposes. Book into a two-bedroom apartment and they get the space and privacy of their own bedroom and bathroom, but can still share living, dining and kitchen areas. This is really a win for everyone involved—it’s cost effective for the company (a two-bedroom apartment for two people is cheaper to book that two one-bedroom apartments) and provides business professionals with ready-made flatmates with the perfect balance: living or staying together, but easily able to retreat to their own space. Perfect for… a home from home. Hotel rooms can be a touch depressing after a while, especially if you’re on your own. Staying in a small hotel room night after night and eating off the same restaurant menu can become both confining and tedious. An apartment has a cozy feel to it, so while it may not be your home, it will certainly feel more so than a small hotel room. However—it will still be like a hotel in all the ways that matter. Serviced apartments offer the security and privacy of a hotel, with ample security, and many offering concierge services. You’re free to engage housekeeping services as you require, so their presence is never intrusive. Some apartments even offer restaurant services, if you’re not looking to travel too much for food. Perfect for… you. For a sense of real freedom and space, serviced apartments are the obvious choice. You can engage with your stay in whatever way you choose—from a full service hotel experience to an independent, self-catered stay. Service apartments might be a relatively new concept to the travel industry, but it’s one you should certainly start considering. You can feel free to put a personal stamp on your stay and your surroundings. The inherent flexibility of a service apartment or aparthotel means you do not have to compromise on any level. Stay in and entertain your guests from a fully equipped kitchen, relax after a long day of meetings, take advantage of the surrounding nightlife—the choice is yours. And, at rates more affordable than a hotel, the value of having your own space… that’s priceless