Not so long ago, choosing a serviced apartment in London presented very little choice. There was little to compare to, and so it wasn’t so much a question of how to find the best serviced apartment in London, but how to find any suitable serviced apartment in London. Fortunately, the serviced apartment market in London has been radically transformed in recent years. Now, if you know where to look, you can select from a range of different serviced apartments all meeting your need. So how do you find the best serviced apartment in London?

Think Independent

Typically, as you begin your search for serviced apartments in London, you’ll quickly stumble upon the serviced apartment chains. These may serve your needs at a basic level, but we believe you can get much better value for money, and a far more authentic, and luxury, London experience, if you choose from the multitude of private serviced apartments. Independent serviced apartments are always designed, furnished, and let, with individual needs in mind. They don’t cater for the masses. One of the main attractions of choosing a serviced apartment over a hotel is to obtain this individualistic home-from-home feel, so why do away with it so easily? At London Serviced Apartments we list a wide range of independently owned and managed serviced apartments, and our London serviced apartment search function is a great place to start.

What Next?

Next you need to consider your own specific needs and desires. What represents the best serviced apartment in London will differ for the individual business traveller who needs to visit Canary Wharf once a month to the family who are relocating to Knightsbridge.


We suggest your first stop should be to consider which area of London would be best for you. London is a staggering 1572km². That’s bigger than New York or Paris. Therefore, to find the best London serviced apartment for you, you need to consider the location carefully. London is a diverse and impressively cosmopolitan city steeped in history. The result is that you typically will be visiting a specific area of London. Business workers usually need to be near The City, or Docklands, whereas leisure travellers looking for exemplary shopping will likely want Mayfair, or Knightsbridge. Whilst London is well connected with its infamous public transport, your apartment should be situated where you will be doing your main activities. You can search for a London serviced apartment by area.


Next, you need to consider which London serviced apartment is best for you according to its facilities. What is great is that you get a huge amount of choice. You may want to be able to call on room service like a hotel, or you want a fully equipped kitchen and dining area. You may want to have the benefit of a concierge to help with travel, or have use of an onsite gym. It may be important to have three bedrooms as your family are coming too. At London Serviced Apartments, once you have searched by area, you can then look at individual apartments and see what facilities they offer. The facilities, including details about housekeeping, are listed clearly in both bullet point and comprehensive form on the property listing.


With the wide range of choices on offer, you should be able to find the best serviced apartment for you within your budget. At London Serviced Apartments we offer a full range of serviced apartments ranging from Economy through Mid-Range to Luxury. We colour code our apartment listings – Red for Economy, Green for Mid-Range, and Blue for Luxury. This enables you to quickly and easily identify the right budget options for your stay. You should also note that longer stays (typically over 90 days) are usually offered for a reduced rate.

How to Find the Best Serviced Apartment in London for You

With these tips and strategies, you should be able to quickly narrow down the search for the best serviced apartment in London for you and your needs. If we can be of any assistance, or you’d like more information about one of our London serviced apartments, then please call on +44 (0) 208 004 007 – we’ll be happy to help.