As though it wasn’t already costly enough, a new vehicle charge means that for some people trips into central London are becoming absurdly expensive even before stepping out of the car. Regular commuters to central London between the hours of 7 AM and 6 PM Monday to Friday will be familiar with the pain of an £11.50 congestion charge. Now the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has implemented an additional duty on some motorists that will cost them between a further £10 and £21.50 a day. Operating within the same hours and location as the congestion charge, the new Emissions Surcharge, better known colloquially as the Toxicity Charge or T-Charge, is an effort by the government to curtail the amount of heavily polluting vehicles entering the city. The hope is that by reducing the flow of highly toxic automobiles from the capital it will eventually improve the quality of air.

Traffic Control

In force since October 2017, the T-Charge is only applicable to older means of transport. Although there are a few exceptions the duty specifically aims to penalise cars registered before January 1st 2006. This affects all petrol and diesel HGVs, coaches, buses, minibuses, vans and cars that fail to meet Euro 4 emissions standards. Motorcycles, taxis and certain licenced hire vehicles are currently exempt.

You can check to see if your vehicle is subject to a charge by entering the registration number into a tool on the Transport For London website. Even if it does not currently affect you however, it is worth bearing in mind that the T-Charge is only the first step towards the goal of eventually demanding payment from all vehicles that don’t meet with Euro 6 standards. Called the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone, and scheduled to take effect from April 8th 2019, the stricter policy will be enforced in the same locations as the T-Charge but for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Money Management

Although the new charge may not yet be breaking the bank, it does perhaps serve as an occasion to reconsider your travel expenses. Think about where you really need to go. You may not even need to get in the car at all once you’ve arrived in the city. For example, corporate serviced apartments in London have conference rooms available which could help save on expenses. Is your travel strategy truly cost effective? The next time you need to make your way into the capital, consider comparing the price of driving with taking the train. Rail transport can often be a much cheaper option when booked far in advance. Don’t forget about carpooling, either. Sharing a ride with a colleague not only saves on petrol, but in the long run also reduces the wear and tear of vehicles. In addition to this, it can also radically reduce the expense of parking fees. No matter what travel hassles you may face, when the day is done you can always look forward to relaxing in corporate serviced apartments in London.  To find out more what we can offer you, fill in our Enquiry Formnow or call +44(0)208 004 0007 to speak with one of our dedicated advisors.