Whether visiting London for business or leisure, or for a long stay or short, you’re faced with a whole range of accommodation options. However, despite the overwhelming amount of choice you can still be left feeling you’re ‘making do’ or simply not getting exactly what you are looking for. Even when you have decided that serviced accommodation is the right choice for your stay, you’re still faced with the issue of how to find a property which ticks every one of your needs and wishes. So how do you find the ideal serviced accommodation in London?

Serviced Accommodation – The What and The Why

Before we come on to how you find your ideal property, we’re already assuming you’re looking for a serviced accommodation. Every other form of accommodation in London entails a compromise of some sort. For example, you can choose a hotel but you won’t have much desk space, and no unwinding space except your bed. Alternatively, you could choose a rental property to gain work and relaxation space in addition to sleeping, but you’re now faced with complicated rental agreements, utility bills, and what about furnishings? Serviced accommodation on the other hand bridges the gap between the shortfalls of other types of London accommodation, and gives you an ideal starting point. At a basic level you can expect the service and standard of a hotel, with the privacy, space, and lower price tag of renting. Therefore, your ideal accommodation is almost always going to be serviced accommodation. But how do you find it?

Finding Serviced Accommodation in London

Over 15 years ago, when we started in the serviced apartment market, we unfortunately didn’t have a huge amount to offer visitors. We knew that serviced apartments were the way forward for visitors to London, but the market was still to take off. Now, however, there are thousands of options, as people have realised their benefits over traditional short and long term stay options. Whilst this may seem like good news for you the client, it has also opened up the market to a lack of consistency and standard. In short – not all serviced apartments are created equally. Whilst you might expect that for different price tags and types of property, what you should always be sure of is excellent standards and clear value for money. Unfortunately, that’s not what you get when you begin a generic search for serviced accommodation.

Getting Value for Money

Therefore, you need to search for serviced apartments with a clear ‘wants list’ and ‘wish list’ in mind. This way you can narrow down your search based on location, budget, amenities, or size, and then match your options against each other and against what they offer in terms of value for money. Certain areas in London do bring with them a premium. In Mayfair for example, you’re paying as much for the name of the location as the amenities within. However, this doesn’t mean you should compromise. There is the ideal serviced accommodation for you, and we can help you find it.

Finding the Ideal Serviced Accommodation with London Serviced Apartments

At London Serviced Apartments we recognise that you need to be offered real choice which represents excellent value for money. We do this by providing a serviced accommodation search facility which filters according to location chosen, size of property, and budget. By using these three categories together you’re able to quickly refine your choice to appropriate serviced accommodation options that fit the bill. However, we realise that doing this alone isn’t enough to find your ideal serviced accommodation from the choice on offer. Therefore we ensure that each serviced accommodation listing available through us lists absolutely everything you need to know about a property in detail. You can see what level of service is provided (including maid service, reception, and concierge), nearest train stations, and amenities ranging from parking to gyms to Wi-Fi availability. Furthermore, for many of our apartments you can read user reviews to gauge the experience of previous guests. In this way you can quickly and easily create a shortlist of serviced apartments which would all prove to be equally ideal for you. Alternatively, if you’d like to benefit from our experience and knowledge of the market, then please give us a call on +44 (0) 208 004 0007 – we’d love to match you to your ideal serviced accommodation in London.