There are a range of vastly different areas to visit in London. You’ll need to come back again and again to try them all. One area that’s particularly popular with visitors at the moment, largely because it’s a way of visiting London without being in the centre during these pandemic-times, is Hampstead.

A village in a city

Hampstead is much more akin to a village than the bustling centre of the capital which is just a stone’s throw away. It’s been the home of a fabulous array of people over the years, largely focusing on artists, poets and authors. Hampstead Heath is nearly 800 acres of parkland which has its own distinct character, and can easily leave you feeling utterly transported and a million miles from one of the largest cities in Europe. It has a wild and untamed feel and is the lungs of London as well as a place to come and unwind and enjoy space and freedom.

Hampstead’s culture

Hampstead really does have its own feel stemming from its rich cultural heritage rooted in art and literature. Wandering around Hampstead, you can soak up this atmosphere. You’ll also want to visit Kenwood House and grounds; a Georgian stately home right on the Heath and packed with a world-class art collection. Keats House was home to its romantic poet namesake. Hampstead is particularly well-known for its array of cosy pubs. These quintessentially English pubs are welcoming and very much reflective of Hampstead’s character. Try out The Flask and the Spaniard’s Inn.

Where to stay in Hampstead

To truly experience Hampstead, you need to be part of it. The way to do this is to have your own individual Hampstead accommodation. Our three bedroom property on Holmdale Road is a perfect way to stay in Hampstead just like the locals. Another classic Hampstead property is the serviced accommodation found at Thurlow Road. A short walk from Hampstead’s popular and individual boutiques is a beautiful property at Parkhill Road. We really do have a delightful range of properties to rent in Hampstead which will suit couples and singles up to much larger groups.

What else is there to do in Hampstead?

A stay in London wouldn’t be complete without visiting one of its many cafes and whiling away a few hours with a cuppa, a slice of cake and a good book.  For a charming spot, try Ginger and White. Another place popular with Hampstead locals is Coffee Cup. Make sure you have their raisin toast if you really want to fit in! If you’re looking for a more substantial meal then HAM offers contemporary British fare, Mimmo La Bufala is great for pizza and wine, and Jim Kichi is a tiny but wonderful Japanese restaurant. There are a few other Hampstead experiences you should make sure you fit in during your stay. Hampstead Bathing Ponds is the place to try wild swimming. Parliament Hill, on the Heath, boasts incredible views of London. See if you can spot St Paul’s Cathedral and The Shard. Hampstead Pergola and Hill Garden isn’t so well known about, but it’s also got great views and is a lovely spot to enjoy. So, what are you waiting for? Book a stay in Hampstead today.