One of the absolute highlights of the festive season for people around the UK is to come to London and experience the capital at its most glorious. With concerns about COVID-19, many families may be feeling despondent that a pre-Christmas London trip is off the cards. However, before you ditch your plans, we’d like to offer a ray of hope – we believe that, with a little planning, you can have a pre-Christmas magical London trip and, in case it can’t happen, you won’t be left out of pocket. Here’s how.

Choose London Christmas experiences

A typical pre-Christmas London itinerary is usually highly organised. There will be tickets for shows booked months in advance, visits to Santa planned in the height of summer and reservations for restaurants made to beat the madding crowds. What’s fabulous about this year is that, for once, you don’t have to be so organised. Because many people have been reluctant to book, and are likely staying away, this is the year that you can have a spontaneous pre-Christmas London trip. Choose your itinerary more flexibly. This year, Christmas shopping in London will actually be a more leisurely affair without such intense bustling crowds, so leave plenty of time for this. Without crowds, you’ll be able to really spend your time looking at the festive window displays. And there’s plenty to see! Take the little ones to Hamleys to spot sledging Beanie Boos or soak in the romance as you gaze upon Cartier! 2020 is also the perfect year for taking in the London Christmas lights on foot. We adore the Choose Love theme on Carnaby Street with its striking purple and poignant message. The swirling stars on Marylebone are simply magical. The curtains of lights on Oxford Street are mesmerising too. If you are still desperate to see a Christmas show, don’t despair! Check out London Christmas Shows in 2020.

Your own space in the heart of London

What’s really going to matter this year is having a safe private space for you and your family. The solution is to choose a London serviced apartment in preference to multiple occupancy hotels. With a London serviced apartment, you will have a COVID-secure space which has been diligently cleaned prior to your visit. No one else will come or go, meaning you have a space to yourself. Importantly, should the worse happen, and you are unable to come because of new restrictions, bookings can be transferred or cancelled, with no financial hit. A serviced apartment also gives you plenty of flexibility should you feel nervous about going to restaurants, even with their COVID-19 social distancing and additional safety measures. You can grab a festive mulled wine and some street food to eat in your apartment, or even get take away from the wonderful array of restaurants nearby.

Indulge and enjoy!

Give us a call on +44 (0)208 004 0007 and we’ll take you through the best available options for your travelling party, ensuring you’ll have a wonderfully festive and safe pre-Christmas trip in one of our serviced apartments. We can advise you on the best things to do in your chosen area, and make recommendations to ensure that, despite restrictions, London shows you its best side this Christmas season.