Business travel seems luxurious, exciting, and inspiring, until you actually need to live it. Business travellers often find themselves living out of suitcases, in impersonal hotels, which never quite meet their needs. They compromise on their home life, and quickly business travel can take its toll. However, with serviced apartments, business travel needn’t be the necessary evil of the job – it can become a part to look forward to, actively relish, and give you a home-from-home that puts you in the heart of a new location. Here’s why.

More Space

Seasoned business travellers will be no stranger to the laptop propped on their knees on a bed, or frustrations as you try to spread out paperwork to get a better look. Hotel desks usually are more like a dressing table, and don’t actually provide the space you need. They also don’t demarcate space for sleeping, working, relaxing, and eating. The result is that a hotel business traveller can find themselves feeling cramped and stressed. Instead, a serviced apartment delivers much more space for the same price tag. There’ll be somewhere which you can designate for work, somewhere else for lounging, and your sleeping area is separate again.

A Good Work Life Balance

For business travellers, it can be near impossible to switch off from work on a business trip. Quickly you find yourself living and breathing work simply because there is no way to get away from it. This is actually counterproductive to your work performance, and detrimental to your own wellbeing. A serviced apartment supports a better work-life balance. If you wish, your family can travel with you. Regardless, there’s always somewhere to unwind away from work. You can watch your ‘own’ TV on your ‘own’ sofa. You can cook your favourite dinner. You can enjoy a glass of wine in peace. You can shut the door on the working day, video call home whilst listening to your favourite music. The result is that business travel feels less of a chore and more sustainable.

Dining Options

A hotel will restrict the business traveller to always eating out. At a push you can pretend to enjoy some room service whilst perched in a rather small chair. Serviced apartments usually come with their own fully equipped kitchen, or at least a kitchenette. This means you can leisurely eat breakfast before getting dressed for the day, invite colleagues back for a spot to eat, or simply cook an omelette because you don’t fancy yet another three course meal. However, you don’t miss out on the benefits of hotel room service either. Some luxury serviced apartments have a room service facility, or you can hire a private chef. London also is served by an impressive range of delivered food options, all of which can be enjoyed within the privacy of your apartment.

Cost Savings

A huge factor for business travellers to consider is cost. There’s no doubting that you get better bang for your buck with a serviced apartment for business travel. This means that you can afford a greater level of luxury for the same business budget. In times when businesses are always looking to cut down expenses such as business travel, this allows you to still perform the same business travel function at a lower price tag.

Flexibility and Customisation

Business travellers are frequently treated as a homogenous beast. In reality, this isn’t the case, and each business traveller has their own unique needs and requirements. Hotels are designed to cater for the masses, not the individual. This isn’t more apparent than in the generic ‘business centres’ within hotels, which often end up an exercise in frustration for business travellers attempting to use them. Instead, a serviced apartment can be chosen specifically for your needs, and be customised as needed. Owners and managers are usually keen to hear what you need.


Finally, a huge benefit of serviced apartments for business travellers is privacy. With your own space, you can achieve equal levels of privacy to that in your own home. Security and concierge can be on hand to help maintain your privacy if needed, and you have your own front door.

Serviced Apartments are Perfect for Business Travel

In short, serviced apartments are absolutely ideal for business travel. They provide the home comforts combined with the facilities needed for business travel. Find your next business travel serviced apartment in London today.