We believe in being transparent about costs. There should be no nasty surprises when you choose to book your serviced apartment through London Serviced Apartments. In fact, we’re so convinced there shouldn’t be any hidden costs that, unlike many other providers, we are completely upfront on our website and match this with our Lowest Price Guarantee. We can tell you that choosing to stay in a London Serviced Apartment will save you around 30% compared to a hotel – but we want you to see the actual figures.

The Basics of London Serviced Apartment Costs

Cost is of paramount importance for the vast majority of people seeking an apartment to stay in. It may even be the primary reason that you are choosing an apartment over a hotel. The primary cost is, of course, the per night rental charge. This is the amount that the apartment costs per night. If you browse our apartments you will see that we have a tab for each listing stating the rates for that apartment. These basic rates are affected by different factors:

  • The length of stay (the longer the stay, the lower the daily rate)
  • The size of the property
  • The location
  • The included facilities and amenities
  • The time of year

Let’s look at that with an example for two bedroom apartments. A 7 night stay in the Gate House Apartments costs from £198 per night. A 2 night stay in the Park Lane Apartments also for a two bedroom option, will cost you £122 per night. That’s quite a difference for the same sized apartment. However, the first is in London Bridge, on the doorstep of the City, whereas the second is in Croydon, a train ride away from central London. The price reflects this. So to give you a clear indication of the apartment rental charges you need to look first at the rates.

What is Included in a Serviced Apartment Rate?

Next you need to consider exactly what is included in the rates. This is where you might run into difficulties with other companies that are less upfront. You should know exactly what you are committing to, and liable for, before making the booking. The beauty of a serviced apartment is that you are getting hotel service. Therefore concierge, reception, and standard housekeeping are included, as are the basic costs of utility provision and local taxes. It will also include linen, towels, crockery, and cutlery. Unlike with many other providers, these costs don’t get added quietly to your bill. At London Serviced Apartments we partner with a range of different professional serviced apartment providers. Each has slightly different terms and conditions beyond the basics which are included. We only work with those who are prepared to be upfront about these. Therefore, just about ‘Rates’ on each of our property listings, you can view the specific Booking Terms and Conditions for that apartment. Here you will find any additional charges which may be levied. For example, there will be information about the Cancellation Policy and how refunds are processed, as well as liability for losses, claims and damages arising from your stay (including additional cleaning if needed). It may also include administration fees for booking changes, and details of costs such as telephone calls made in the apartment. You can also see clearly what is included in your short-listed apartments by viewing the bullet-points under the image gallery. Here you will find information on how frequently maid service is included, whether free Wi-Fi is included, and details of the concierge, reception, and welcome packs. Here you will also see if any additional services are available, but chargeable. For example, and extra bed may be provided free of charge, or you may have to pay a surcharge, and the same with parking.

No More Costs – But Great Savings!

So, with a quick browse of our apartments you can easily see the cost of a London Serviced Apartment. There are no other surprise costs waiting for you. However, there are some other surprise savings. Not only do we have our Lowest Price Guarantee, we are also able to offer you a 10% discount on Minicab, Minibus, Courier, Executive Car and Chauffeur Travel throughout London with our partner, Parker Car Service. When you realise how much private transport in London costs, you’ll soon realise the huge benefit that brings. If that’s not enough, don’t forget to check out our Special Offers. Make your serviced apartment booking today, and be sure you know the exact costs.