ROYAL ASCOT 2015 – JUNE 16-20 royal ascot With the Queen and anyone whose anyone attending, this event should be at the top of your list. At Royal Ascot 2015, you can enjoy the worlds best horses competing against each other in a truly exhilarating sporting day. Among the various ticket options is the ticket to the Furlong Club and ticket to reserve a Private Box. The box has a bar, fantastic views of the track, wait staff and betting tote. Getting dressed up for the occasion is a big part of the celebrations and is a great reason to look fabulous. Make sure you check out the compulsory dress code before attending! DINE AT DANS LE NOIR? FROM JUNE 15 dans le noir The restaurant name means ‘In the dark?’ and that is exactly what it offers. At Dans Le Noir? you dine in a pitch black room with the guidance of blind staff. Choose from a mystery menu of either meat, seafood or vegetarian but you have no idea what you will be served. Being served in the dark makes you focus on smells and experience the food and who you are dining with without visual preconceptions. The best part is that distractions like mobile phones are checked on arrival so you can focus on conversation and the meal without interruption. You can enjoy a slightly more conventional end to the evening with post meal drinks in the lit bar. TASTE OF LONDON — JUNE 17-21 Taste-Of-London London’s most premier food event, from live chef demonstrations to wonderful tasting menus, this event is a foodie heaven! Filled with the latest gastronomic superstars and Michelin restaurants, there is no shortage of culinary delights. Taste of London also have the drinks sorted too with wine, whiskey and Champagne tastings throughout the week. LONDON TOUR BY TAXI london tours Black cabs are an iconic London symbol so what better way to see the city than via a London Tour by Taxi? With a popular London born guide who mixes intelligence, wit, humour and an abundance of knowledge about London to leave you feeling informed and entertained. Discover London from someone who knows the streets off by heart and can really uncover gems you may have missed in a generic tour. Make it extra special with some Champagne, shopping or VIP tour. Tours from £125 and lasting from 2 to 4 hours. For assistance with accommodation in London please call us on 0208 432 3202.