Serviced ApartmentsSpace It is no secret that serviced apartments have more space than a comparable hotel room. For guests who are travelling for longer stays, perhaps a temporary relocation for project work, this type of accommodation offers a homely experience that a hotel cannot.  The space to cook and serve dinner, the space to relax on a sofa and watch TV and the space to work using the Wi-Fi internet. Value As serviced apartments offer additional space, they provide added value for money.  The price decreases the longer the stay making serviced apartments perfect for long stays because guests can save money and benefit from more amenities during their stay. Convenience Serviced apartments offer the convenience to come and go as you please. Guests do not have to obey hotel dining times and have convenience of choosing to relax in living space with friends or family after a long day.  Rather than simply using the apartment as somewhere to sleep and shower, it can be used as somewhere to enjoy company, eat dinner, have drinks and even have an informal work meeting. Location Serviced apartments are situated in the best areas for business, leisure and a mix of both; within walking distance to transport links and in desirable neighbourhoods. This ensures that there are plenty of amenities around including shops, restaurants, cafes, banks and many are also near green parks. Services Serviced apartments are exactly that – serviced. Meaning that during a long stay, staff help ensure the apartment is cleaned with towels and linen replenished regularly. Private rentals are becoming more popular but a downside to this is that if something goes wrong, there is no one there to assist quickly. Serviced apartments have staff on hand to assist with whatever a guest requires. Serviced apartments provide hotel type services that private rentals rarely do, so guests get the best of both worlds: space like home and convenience of concierge and housekeeping services. For any serviced apartment inquires please call us on +44 (0)208 432 3202 or contact us online.