When planning a trip to London, whether for business or leisure, finding accommodation that offers a hassle-free and enjoyable experience is a top priority. While many travellers opt for hotels, serviced apartments have become increasingly popular due to their spaciousness, flexibility, and home-away-from-home ambiance. To further enhance the comfort and convenience of your stay, many serviced apartments provide the services of a concierge.

But what is a concierge? And how do they improve your stay? Here we’ll delve into the world of concierges and explore how they can significantly improve your stay.


What is a Concierge?

In hospitality, a concierge is like a personal assistant, dedicated to catering to the needs and desires of guests. Historically associated with luxury hotels, the role of the concierge has expanded to include serviced apartments, where they play a crucial role in ensuring guests have a memorable and seamless stay.

The primary function of a concierge is to offer personalised services, acting as a knowledgeable and reliable point of contact for guests. They possess a wealth of local knowledge and connections, which enables them to make recommendations, secure reservations, and handle various tasks on behalf of guests.


More About What a Concierge Does

The responsibilities of a concierge are wide-ranging and adaptable, depending on the needs of each guest. Here are some common tasks that a concierge can handle:

Dining recommendations and reservations: whether you’re in the mood for fine dining, trendy bistros, or hidden gems, a concierge can recommend the best restaurants to suit your preferences and secure reservations on your behalf.

Entertainment and events: from West End theatre shows and London concerts to sports events and art exhibitions, a concierge can provide information about local events and help you purchase tickets for a memorable night out.

Transportation and travel arrangements: whether you need help getting an Oyster Card and navigating London’s famous public transport, want a cab in 10 minutes, an airport transfer or even a limo for a special event, a concierge will have the right local links for reliable transportation options, making your journey stress-free.

Sightseeing and tours: if you’re eager to explore the city’s landmarks and attractions, a concierge can organise guided tours and offer insider tips to make the most of your sightseeing experience. They can even recommend the best sights according to your interests and available time.

Shopping assistance: whether you need to find the perfect gift or want to indulge in a shopping spree, a concierge can guide you to the best shopping districts and assist with personal shopping requests.

Personal services: from arranging laundry and dry cleaning services to catering to specific dietary preferences, a concierge can attend to your personal needs and ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Who Needs a Concierge?

You might wonder if the services of a concierge are only for high-profile travellers or those staying in luxury accommodations. However, the reality is that anyone can benefit from having a concierge at their disposal, especially when staying in a serviced apartment.

Here are a few scenarios where a concierge can make a significant difference:

Business travellers: for busy professionals juggling work commitments and travel, a concierge can be a lifesaver. They can take care of travel arrangements, meeting preparations, and other errands, allowing you to focus on your work without the added stress.

Families and groups: travelling with family or a group of friends can be rewarding but also challenging to manage. A concierge can assist with coordinating activities, dining reservations, and family-friendly outings, ensuring everyone has an enjoyable experience.

International travellers: when visiting a new city or country, having a local expert by your side can be invaluable. A concierge can help you navigate the area, recommend culturally immersive experiences, and ensure you make the most of your stay.

Benefits of a Concierge

Now you know what a concierge is, beyond any preconceptions, let’s look in more detail at the benefits they bring. The advantages of utilising a concierge service in your serviced apartment are numerous and extend far beyond the typical hotel experience.

Personalised attention: a concierge is dedicated to catering to your individual needs and preferences. They take the time to understand your interests and tailor their recommendations accordingly, ensuring a bespoke experience.

Time-savings: instead of spending hours researching and planning your itinerary, a concierge can take care of these details for you. This leaves you with more time to relax, explore, or focus on your work.

Insider knowledge: a concierge is well-connected in the local community, meaning they can provide you with insider tips, secret spots, and exclusive access to events or venues.

Problem solvers: if you encounter any challenges during your stay, a concierge is there to assist. From managing unexpected changes to addressing special requests, they are adept problem-solvers.

Stress reduction: travelling, even for leisure, can be stressful. Having a concierge to rely on ensures that you have a seamless and worry-free experience, allowing you to unwind and fully enjoy your stay.

Whether you’re a business traveller, a family on vacation, or an adventurer exploring a new city, a concierge is a valuable resource to have at your disposal.

Get in touch with us on +44 (0) 208 004 0007 to book properties with onsite concierge services, such as The William and Kate Residence, The Bloomsbury Set or The Metropolitan Hotel and Apartments. These onsite concierges can help with anything during your stay from arranging transportation to organising personalised yours or a private chef.

Additionally, at London Serviced Apartments, we have chosen to partner with London and the UK’s leading independent concierge companies so that whichever accommodation you choose, you can still enjoy concierge services after booking and during your stay. This gives you a professional local who can organise whatever you need, such as organising Oyster Cars and airport transfers through to bespoke grocery shopping and meeting room booking. Just get in touch with us to make use of our concierge partners.

For a memorable and enjoyable stay in London, where you benefit from a concierge wherever you stay, choose London Serviced Apartments.