2020 is nearly, thankfully, behind us. And with it is the promise that travellers can get on the move again. However, we need to be realistic. The vaccine is going to take some time to roll out and it’s going to take several months for travelling to return to normal. The brilliant news is that there are ways to stay in London that are coronavirus safe. The trick is to avoid busy hotels and instead opt for your own private space, in a London serviced apartment. Even better than this, a London serviced apartment isn’t just a good choice during the pandemic. It’s an excellent choice always. Here’s why!

Benefits of London serviced apartments

Serviced apartments bring you more benefits than you may realise. Here are some of the top reasons you may want to consider a serviced apartment for your next stay:

  • Space: Hotel rooms in London are known for being short on space. With an apartment you get bedrooms, living rooms and even a kitchen or kitchenette. You’ll have probably at least twice as much space.
  • Value for money: London hotels are notoriously expensive. You can choose a more luxurious apartment yet spend less. This doesn’t just apply to short stays, but if you stay for longer, you can expect even greater discounts and savings.
  • Locations: You can literally choose where you want to stay in London when you choose an apartment. Business meeting in Canary Wharf? No problem. Want to see the sights in South Kensington? That’s easy too.
  • Flexibility and privacy: With a hotel you have to keep ‘hotel hours’. That’s not the case with an apartment. You can come and go as you want. If you want to sleep until 11am you won’t miss breakfast. If you don’t want to be disturbed, you won’t be.
  • Facilities: A huge benefit of a serviced apartment is the additional facilities and amenities. You can choose your apartment based on what works best for you. For example, you may want your own kitchen with a washing machine, or you may want a concierge who can make bookings for you. You can also expect most serviced apartments to offer additional services, should you need them.
  • Luxury, quality and comfort: A holiday apartment in London is basically a home-from-home with a touch of luxury and additional comfort. You can choose the place that matches your style and has everything you need.
  • Tech and Wi-Fi: Most serviced apartments will have decent sized TVs and may have packages such as Sky+. Additionally, they usually have entertainment systems. Wi-Fi is typically included in the cost.
  • Business travellers: Business travellers who make use of a hotel’s business lounge needn’t worry. There are plentiful London apartments which have business centres you can use. Additionally, remember that the apartment itself may well have room for a business meeting around a table, unlike a hotel room.
  • Security: Your serviced apartment is your space. Housekeeping will only come in with prior arrangement. If you prefer, you don’t have to have housekeeping at all. Being self-contained, and with secure entry, you can feel safe and secure.

Book your 2021 stay in London now!

2021 is the year when everything is going to get going again. It’s time for travellers to breathe a sigh of relief and make their plans, but to do so feeling safe and comfortable. Give us a call on +44 (0) 208 004 0007 and we’ll help you make the perfect booking for your 2021 London stay.