There can be an element of excitement, luxury and glamour to business travel. Until you’re actually living it. Faced with an impersonal hotel room and living out of a suitcase, the accommodation on these trips rarely meets up to your business needs, and even less frequently amount to a great standard of living. On these occasions being away from home can really take its toll. With a serviced apartment however, you’re essentially staying in a home away from home, a place where work and play comfortably co-habit. LSA Business Serviced Apartments

More Space

A mess in a hotel room can quickly escalate once you’ve started trying to find room for spread out paper work, a laptop and half eaten pizza. Desks provided in hotel rooms are intended as dressing tables, and are only good for slumped clothing and sprinkling coffee granules. Then, when the day’s business is over you’re expected to switch off and relax from work while it all still surrounds your entire field of vision and slowly buries you. With no areas specifically demarcated for working, eating, relaxing and sleeping, is it any wonder that months on the road living from city to city like this can lead to so much stress? Serviced apartments offer separate areas for getting work done, dining, putting your feet up and going to bed. Vastly improving your work-life balance, with so much space available you could even invite your family over to stay for a while. Almost immediately you’ll start to feel that business travel is less of a chore and more of a sustainable and appealing way of life.

Better for Business Travellers

It isn’t just the comfort aspect that has the edge over hotels either. Serviced apartments are particularly good at catering specifically to business travellers, unlike hotels which take a more generic approach to accommodating a homogenised public. For instance, business centres in hotels are often lacklustre affairs, while a serviced apartment can be chosen and customised to your particular needs. Managers are often eager to hear how they can help you.

Double Up As a Meeting Room

Having colleagues over for meetings is much more practical too. No more awkwardly throwing socks and trousers around the room desperately trying to find them somewhere to sit. A serviced apartment offers you plenty of professionally acceptable space with a variety of hot beverages at hand, any time you need it. With many apartments you could even take the business talk out onto your own private terrace when the sun is shining. Although we don’t recommend mixing business with pleasure, having your own kitchen means that if you really wanted to sweeten a deal you could even try baking your clients some cookies. Serviced apartments are the ideal solution for business travel. Combining home comforts with the facilities necessary for business, you needn’t ever struggle to get by from a cramped, unsuitable hotel room again. Well equipped for short breaks they might be fine, but when it comes to business hotels regularly fail to meet the necessary requirements. Find a serviced apartment in London to suit your business travel needs today.