22 funny London sayings you wouldn’t have known

Alright mate

Ever had that blank stare when you have no idea what someone just said? Or just want to know some local slang before a trip to London?

London slang is a mix of phrases and words from around the world reflecting the diverse cultural make up of the city. Some of this slang has spread across the UK too.

Whether you are coming now or in the future, have a little read on. Here we have a guide to typical London sayings:

  1. Greeting, hello – “All right” “Alright mate”
  2. Good – “Banging”
  3. Great – “The dog’s bollocks”
  4. Money, pound – “Quid”
  5. Thank you – “Ta”
  6. Isn’t it? “Innit”
  7. It isn’t – “Aint”
  8. Not impressed or annoyed – “Cheesed off”
  9. Keep your head up – “keep your pecker up”
  10. And there you have it – “Bobs your uncle”
  11. To leave, disappear (impolitely) – “Sod off”
  12. A tantrum – “wobbler”
  13. Exhausted – “zonked”
  14. Someone who teases people often – “wind up merchant”
  15. One time only – “One off”
  16. Used to express surprise – “Blimey” “Cor blimey”
  17. It’s all gone wrong – “it’s all gone Pete Tong”
  18. In a difficult position “In a pickle”
  19. Do you understand? – “You get me?”
  20. Word used to describe something good – “Reem” “she was looking reem”
  21. Attractive person – “Fit” “well fit”
  22. A load of nonsense, rubbish – “Tosh”


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