Welcome to the future of serviced apartment stays in London, where technology seamlessly blends with comfort and convenience! With the best tech you get easy, stress free, luxury stays. Many of our serviced apartments offer cutting-edge technology, and we also utilise the best technology in our booking service. Here we look at how technology can transform your serviced apartment experience, making it more convenient, sustainable, secure, and enjoyable. There’s loads of different tech that can make your stay all-the-better, and combined with our human-centred high standards of service, you get the best of both worlds.

Booking/Reservation Technology: A Seamless Experience

Let’s start before you even arrive! Gone are the days of lengthy phone calls and complicated booking processes. With our user-friendly and intuitive online platform, booking your serviced apartment is just a few clicks away. Browse through a wide range of furnished apartments in different London locations, view availability, and click to book with instant confirmation and secure payment. Our website is designed to enable you to see exactly what tech is available in different apartments choices too. Our chat agents are available 24/7 too!

Smart Home Automation: Creating Personalised Living Environments

Smart home automation will make your serviced apartment like a home from home as you can tailor your preferences. Whether you control the temperature through a mobile app or use voice commands to control the lighting, the power is in your hands. Whether you’re here for a long stay and want to create the perfect ambience for when you get home at night, or simply want a short stay that feels just like home, tech can help.

Digital Check-In/Keyless Entry: A Smooth Arrival

We know that arrival at a property, often after a long journey, can be stressful. With digital check-in and keyless entry systems, there’s no more queuing at the reception desk or fumbling for keys. With many of our apartments, you receive a unique access code before your arrival, and simply enter it into the keypad or use our mobile app to unlock the door to your serviced apartment. This also means you don’t need to worry about awkward late night check in or early morning check outs.

Guest Communication: Instant Assistance at Your Fingertips

Communicating with your accommodation manager, such as via mobile apps and chatbots, allows you to quickly manage additional requests or seek help without hassle. From requesting extra towels to flagging up a problem, tech can make comms easier. Some apartments have restaurants and bars onsite which also allow app food and drinks bookings.

Sustainability: Reducing Costs, Promoting a Greener Future

We know many of our guests value sustainability when they travel. Through smart sensors, thermostats, and lighting systems, many apartments are optimised in terms of energy consumption, reducing your carbon footprint. In serviced apartments, you don’t usually worry about paying individual utility bills, but we know you still care about the planet when you travel.

Enhanced Security: Your Safety is Our Priority

Many of the serviced apartments on our site are equipped with advanced security features, including CCTV and secure access control systems. Tech can allow you to relax and enjoy your stay with peace of mind. Even apartments with onsite security personal will utilise tech to increase security.

Digital Concierge: Personalised Recommendations and Bookings

London is big and there’s a load to do, whether you’re here for business or leisure. If you’re a business traveller wanting a limo for a client, or airport transfer, or a family wanting a hotel recommendation or tickets for a show, a digital concierge can be the solution. This way, you can use concierge services while staying in the comfort of your apartment, or even from elsewhere in the city.

Integrated Technology: Wi-Fi, TVs, and More

Most of our apartments offer all the essential technologies you’d expect in a modern serviced apartment. Stay connected with high-speed Wi-Fi, catch up on your favourite shows with smart TVs, and enjoy immersive audio experiences with integrated sound systems. High-speed Wi-Fi also means that our apartments are perfect for business travellers who need to stay connected. All of our serviced apartment listings tell you what entertainment tech is included in your stay.

Efficient Workspace Setup: Technology That You Need

For our business travellers, we understand the importance of a concentration-conducive and inspirational workspace. Many of our serviced apartments offer dedicated work areas equipped with ergonomic furniture and ample power outlets. Stay focused and productive in a comfortable and well-lit environment. With the convenience of technology at your fingertips, you can seamlessly complete your work tasks while enjoying the comforts of your temporary home. Furthermore, we offer many serviced apartments specifically designed for the business traveller, which include access to onsite office facilities.

Seamless Assistance and Support: Always Here If You Need Us

Should you require any assistance during your stay, our responsive customer support team is just a phone call or message away. Our agents are available via chat 24/7. We’re on hand to ensure that you feel supported throughout your London stay, whatever you concerns or queries might be.


Choose a tech-centred stay with London Serviced Apartments

Technology has revolutionised our home lives and we expect the same or the next level from our travel experiences. That’s why many of our London serviced apartments use various technology solutions to improve guest experiences. We always ensure that your booking is made seamless through tech, but we also help you choose an apartment that has the right level of tech to make your stay seamless, connected and comfortable. Embrace the convenience, comfort, and connectivity that technology brings, and allow us to enhance your serviced apartment experience in the vibrant city of London.

Book your stay with London Serviced Apartments today and to experience the best in comfort and convenience. Don’t forget that we get the balance right too – we combine cutting-edge tech with real human interaction and support, so that you get the best London experience, whether travelling for business or pleasure.