Whether you are in London for a long or short stay, the busy city life can take a real toll. Whether we are staying alone, having a romantic break, visiting with friends or holidaying with family, sometimes we all need some privacy. London apartments are ideal for this. Read on to find out more. Why Not Stay in a Hotel? Whilst a hotel may be the first accommodation you think of, they can be a terrible choice if you need privacy. In hotels, especially if they are busy, the corridors and foyers can be crammed with people rushing back and forth. When you have been travelling all day, out exploring the city, or working, this can be a stressful and unwelcome entry to your temporary home. Staying in London apartments can be an ideal alternative, as they are more like flats and so there are quite simply fewer people in one area. Hotels are also less furnished than London apartments, meaning it is necessary to venture out for meals. This again means that you cannot remain in privacy and solitude, and there is also the additional costs of eating out. London apartments, on the other hand, are fully furnished with cooking and eating areas so you can make your own meals and eat in peace. If you do not wish to cook for yourself, you could easily order food to London apartments where you could not if you were staying in a hotel. The lack of furnishing in hotels also means that they are often quite cramped and uncomfortable when trying to relax. Frequently, there is the choice between the bed or a hard chair to relax in, and sometimes there aren’t even enough chairs for everyone to sit. London apartments, on the other hand, provide ample space and furnishings so you can all unwind and relax in comfort. Additional privacy and space may also be necessary if you have hobbies such as yoga or other fitness regimes. Most of us are reluctant to break our routines even when away from home, whether that is for business or for pleasure. Staying in London apartments means that you have more space in which to exercise, and you can easily stick to any eating plans you have in place with the fully furnished kitchen areas. If you would like more information about London apartments, whether you are having a long or a short stay, visit London Serviced Apartments today.