Space Oh the space! There is much more space in a serviced apartment than a hotel room and this is a fact! They have multiple rooms and some even have garden space or balconies. Communal Space and Individual Space Serviced apartments are great for families because there is communal space to enjoy together, such as dining and living areas.  But when anyone wants some individual time, they have the space to retreat so.  This affords the chance to live as you would normally. Home Cooked Food Food costs can amount to a lot when travelling with family. Serviced apartments are great for families because they all have cooking facilities so you can save loads on restaurant costs.  They include the amenities and kitchen equipment you would have at home.  This enables you to make breakfast before a long day, a picnic and even a three course meal if you so desire. Location Serviced apartments are all located in prime areas and always close to transport links. Near places ideal for families including green spaces, attractions and other places to enjoy family time. Many are near schools for those on business travel with family. Services of a Hotel Yes there are many ‘holiday lets’ however serviced apartments all come with the typical services of a hotel.  There is always maid service so you can be guaranteed clean fresh sheets and clean towels. There is much more booking security when staying in a serviced apartment because they are owned and operated by a property company and not an individual owner. When booking a serviced apartment, you have adequate protection as opposed to a private rental which can be much more of a risk. There is always a reception or 24 hour customer service for your convenience and most serviced apartments have concierge service. Cost Serviced apartments offer much more value for money. You get more space and facilities and the longer you stay the cheaper the rate gets. You don’t pay per person, you pay per apartment so you can maximise on space making serviced apartments a great choice for families. Home Entertainment You can enjoy smart TV/TV’s, iPod docking systems and music systems as if you were at home.  Apartments are now introducing services like Netflix so you can watch the shows you really love.  Many also have Sky TV and international channels. Home from Home No need to wake up at the crack of dawn for hotel breakfast times, which of course can be an asset if you are travelling with a teenager in tow. You can eat what you want and when you want. You can come and go as you please and by staying in a serviced apartment, you can really start to feel like a local. You are not confined to a room or to staying in someone’s home but rather, you are enjoying your own temporary residence. If you have any questions about serviced apartments or would like to enquire about a stay, please contact us.