Although there is a touch of glamour to it, for most of us, having to be away from home for an extended period can be a tough adjustment. With extended stay apartments from London Serviced Apartments, however, the transition is made so smoothly that you’ll relax into the idea of having your own luxurious city pad almost immediately. With an extended stay apartment you aren’t just counting down the days until you go home, you’ll be embracing a lifestyle in which your home life is as exciting or laid back as you desire. Taking into consideration the reasons why many of our guests book long-term apartments, we examine what exactly makes it the best option for an extended stay in the city.

Work Placement

Probably the most common reason for an extended stay is work-related. Unlike a hotel, a serviced apartment offers ample workspace, areas to relax, and the chance to unwind from the job with a separate sleeping room. For conferences or any other business needs concierges can help service all your requirements.

An Extra Long Holiday

Backpacking can be fun, but for some travelling, the world needn’t be at such a hectic pace. Firmly planting yourself in a new city is sometimes the best way to experience the genuine way of life there. A hotel may be good for a bed and a shower, but it can never help you escape the feeling of merely being a visitor, while an apartment lets you experience the real lifestyle of a London inhabitant.

Temporary Accommodation

Whether your home has been flooded, is being renovated or you simply want to be temporarily closer to an educational facility for the children or a hospital; no place can accommodate as perfectly as a serviced apartment. The separate kitchen, living space and sleeping quarters make staying long term luxurious yet practical, while those with a family can use it to help maintain order and sanity.

Avoiding The Property Chain

Selling your home can be a difficult and often problematic task. When a buyer comes along offering the right price the last thing you want to do is turn them down simply because you haven’t found your dream home yet. Putting your furniture into storage and hiring an apartment not only lets you get the best of both worlds but affords you the time to move out of one property and into another at a more leisurely, stress-free pace. Residing in a hotel room during this uncertain time frame can be claustrophobic and limiting to your lifestyle. Having your own apartment with a fully fitted kitchen however makes the transition an enjoyable, breezy vacation between houses.

Moving On

After many years together couples can occasionally find themselves drifting in separate directions in life. Although it is unfortunate, it does often mean that one of them has to move out of shared accommodation. What better way to take some time for yourself and move on than by relocating to an apartment in the city. Living out of a suitcase from a single hotel room with only a small kettle for support can really bring on the gloom in these situations. Having your own apartment with the space and amenities of a home however allows you to get back to a sense of normality much quicker, and without the commitment of a fixed 6-month tenancy agreement as minimum? Whatever your reason for needing an extensive stay apartment, call us on +44(0)208 004 0007 for advice on the best apartment for you. Alternatively, fill in this booking form to secure your apartment now.