For those who have never done it, the thought of staying at a hotel for work purposes can seem somewhat exciting and glamorous. Those of us actually doing it however know different. The impersonal feel of a cramped hotel room. Living out of a suitcase. Sitting on the edge of a bed eating Chinese takeout every night. Hotels have a way of heightening the feeling of loneliness. Is that really what you want for your client or employees? It is imperative in business that you maintain good relations and uphold your reputation with your associates. The importance of showing you respect them is paramount, and the respect implied from providing associates with a luxury apartment during their stay in London does more for your reputation than words ever could.

Put Yourself in Their Position

You’re a busy business person with work or meetings to attend in London. The journey over is never too pleasant, especially if it involves a flight. Tired and possibly aching, you’re already thinking about how you’re sacrificing the comforts of home and time with your family and friends for the sake of work. Committed to spending an extended period of time at the capital, the last thing you want is to be plonking your suitcase next to a hotel bed that will serve as your base of operations for the next few days, weeks or even months. Imagine then, the relief when you arrive at a luxury apartment instead. Frustrations at propping a laptop on your knees in a cramped hotel room for weeks vanish.  You can use a table for sprawling out papers instead of a desk that has to double as a clothes horse. Colleagues can visit without the social awkwardness of making polite conversation over an unkempt bed.

Getting the Work Life Balance Right

The perfect solution to short term rental in London – just like home, a serviced apartment offers separate work, relaxation, eating and sleeping areas. No longer will they have to try to relax in front of a TV where they were working all evening. They can sleep in a separate room to the one filled with the smell of their dinner. No more toe stubbing on a bed corner while pacing around the room. The space affords comfort, which in turn brings a calm, rested demeanour for each and every working day that follows. Travellers can spend their evenings and weekends actually relaxing, rather than just waiting for more work to relieve them from the prison of a hotel room. If the mood takes them, they can make use of the kitchen to do some cooking, just as they would at home. The large space even encourages them to have their family over for a while, the home like space inviting a reduction in stress when children are around. Providing home comforts with the facilities needed for business, serviced apartments are the ideal place to stay for business travel. To make your corporate travel booking contact London Serviced Apartments today on +44 (0)208 004 0007 or via our form.