The era of Mad Men’s ad man Don Draper schmoozing clients by plying them with alcohol in sordid 1960s nightclubs is long gone. These days entertaining clients can be a tricky tightrope to balance. On the one hand it needs to be engaging, possibly even exciting, and definitely pleasurable. You want them to have an extraordinary time that will make them appreciate your efforts. On the other hand it cannot appear too hedonistic, lest your professional veneer get tarnished. The angels of formality and informality sit vicariously on your shoulders, whispering questionable instructions in your ears throughout the meeting. Deciding which one to listen to at any given moment can lead to some serious forehead sweat. But it needn’t be that way. If you choose a sophisticated venue then you will come across as tasteful and refined, a professional who likes to have fun in the classiest possible way. Entertain Your Clients In London Whether it be for brunch, afternoon tea or dinner, here are some of our favourite venues for creating such an impression:

Jose Pizarro

Give your clients the fiesta treatment by taking them to Jose Pizarro, an unequalled Spanish restaurant located at 36 Broadgate Circle. Open from 11:30AM until 10:45PM Monday to Friday means you can entertain there pretty much from brunch until supper. An offshoot of the Bermondsey street tapas bar Jose, this third establishment associated with the critically acclaimed chef manages to retain the intimate feel of his smaller venues while delivering the utmost in professional service.

Merchants Tavern

Show your clients your international side by accompanying them to 36 Charlotte Road, where you’ll find Merchants Tavern offering an impressive continental menu. Monday to Saturday meals are served from midday to 3PM, and 6PM until 11PM, although you’ll be able to comfortably relax at the bar from 9AM – 12AM. Never straying too far from a professional atmosphere, the rustic venue miraculously manages to provide ample stylish space for diners while simultaneously feeling very warm and homely.

Wright Brothers

With a décor nestling comfortably somewhere between a casual French bistro and a converted British loft, Wright Brothers offers a delightful, laid-back atmosphere at five locations, covering pretty much the whole of London. From noon until 10PM, Monday to Friday you can pop by and taste their speciality seafood dishes. If you’re a fan of oysters then you’ll struggle to find anywhere better in the area. The small size of the venue encourages a shorter visit, making it ideal as a first act to an evening. Take advantage of our facilities to discuss business with clients before moving on to entertain them in the city. Hotels are designed to cater for the masses, not the individual. This is never more apparent than in their generic ‘business centres’, often an exercise in frustration for any business travellers trying to use them. A luxury serviced apartment however, can be chosen specifically for your needs, and be customised as necessary. If you’d like more information about one of our short stay apartments in London, then please call us on +44 (0) 208 004 007 or get in touch via our booking form – we’re happy to help.